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Heaven On Earth

OMG! This place is better than I remembered. A true heaven on earth!

After leavinq the hotel yesterday morning, I took a cab to the train station. My luck had taken a turn for the worse with computer problems and no AC in my hotel room, so I decided to take no chances and get a cab to the train station.

The scenery from the train wasn’t as exciting as I expected, and the windows of my coach were dirty, so I didn’t get the spectacular views and photos I hoped for. However, it was exciting enough traveling at 250 km/hr to get to Nimes just after noon.

Before leaving the states I messaged a friend I met in France in 2011 to see if we could meet up sometime in Uzes. Good news, he was available to meet me at the train in Nimes. After a “welcome back” lunch and chance to catch up on the last two years, Sandy and his friend, Maggie, dropped me at my door in Uzes. In addition to the ride and lunch, I picked up some great sightseeing and photo tips since they are both accomplished travelers and photographers.

Here’s my home-away-from-home. Ain’t it great?

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  1. Oh, Debby, it looks so wonderful and charming. I have turned my daughter on to your blog and we are both enjoying the trip.

    • Hope you both enjoy it. Pass it onto your friends too. More if us women should be out here traveling solo. It’s a whole new experience. Love for you to let me know you’re enjoying it !

  2. It looks delightful…is that a shower near your bed…..very handy. Hope you are having a wonderful adventure…where to next?

    • Yes, I can almost stick my foot in the shower from the bed! Rooms are small but so comfortable! Perfect location too.

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