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First Stop: Shopping

Anyone who knows me has to admit I’m a diehard shopper.

Shopping in Uzès is a dream come true!

Of course, my first stop while shopping in Uzès would have to be to buy something “irresistible.” Who could help from walking into this boutique? Promise, I did find something a bit more suitable than all the ruffles.

Thank goodness, my new acquaintances from Australia were willing to give my new couture their approval.

New friends in Uzes France

Shopping in Uzes France

Afterwards — lunch at a charming cafe near the Place aux Herbes.

.Uzes France


There’s more than shopping in Uzès

Oh yes, I did take a few minutes to walk by THE fountain. The one that entranced me two years ago. Tomorrow it will be surrounded by Saturday Market vendors. See you there!

Uzes France

…(read more here) I confess I’ve been to Uzes. I visited there during a “great adventure” in 2011. My main destination was London to see Prince William kiss his bride on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. However, quite “out of the blue,” I had the opportunity to take off for France and to spend a Saturday market day in Uzes. Right then, that day, when I saw the Place aux Herbes and its fabulous fountain, I swore to myself I would return to that exact spot.

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