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Heaven On Earth

OMG! This place is better than I remembered.

Uzès is heaven on earth.

After leavinq the hotel yesterday morning, I took a cab to the train station in Barcelona heading for France. My luck had taken a turn for the worse with computer problems and no AC in my hotel room, so I decided to take no chances and get a cab to the train station.

The scenery from the train wasn’t as exciting as I expected. The windows of my coach were dirty, so I didn’t get the spectacular views and photos I hoped for. However, traveling at 250 km/hr was exciting enough. I was to get into Nimes just past noon.

Before leaving the states I messaged a friend I had met in France in 2011 to see if we could meet up sometime. Good news, he was available to meet me at the train in Nimes. After a “welcome back” lunch and a chance to catch up on the last two years, my friend dropped me off at my door in Uzès.

Here’s my home-away-from-home. Ain’t it great? 

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Yes, Uzès is heaven on earth!

... read on here …First stop, shopping! Anyone who knows me has to admit I’m a diehard shopper. Of course, my first stop in Uzès would have to be to buy something “irresistible.” Who could help from walking into this boutique? Promise, I did find something a bit more suitable than all the ruffles. Oh yes, I did take a few minutes to walk by THE fountain. The one that entranced me two years ago.

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  1. Oh, Debby, it looks so wonderful and charming. I have turned my daughter on to your blog and we are both enjoying the trip.

    • Hope you both enjoy it. Pass it onto your friends too. More if us women should be out here traveling solo. It’s a whole new experience. Love for you to let me know you’re enjoying it !

  2. It looks delightful…is that a shower near your bed…..very handy. Hope you are having a wonderful adventure…where to next?

    • Yes, I can almost stick my foot in the shower from the bed! Rooms are small but so comfortable! Perfect location too.

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