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The past two days have been filled with all the things I like best about Uzes: eating, shopping, music, and markets.

For those of you who like a little of all, here are some of my favorite bits and bites from the weekend.

Uzes Saturday Market

Uzes Saturday Market

Uzes Saturday Market


Uzes Saturday Market

Uzes Saturday Market
Market sellers at work
Market vendors take great care of their wares and their customers.



Uzes Saturday Market


Uzes Saturday Market

Uzes Saturday Market

Uzes Saturday Market
Stops along the way
Morning shopping means taking a break for café au lait by mid day. Lucky for me a delightful couple from England sat next to me at an outdoor cafe. Maybe it wasn’t so fortunate for them, because I had a million questions to ask.

After we parted, I headed around the corner and down an alley for more shopping. To my surprise…a southern ragtime band. South of France, that is.
(Click here)

Food for thought
Exploring and shopping is hard work, so a stop for lunch was a must.

Most meals I’ve eaten at restaurants since I’ve been here have been at lunchtime, or Déjeuner. That’s because I can get a great fixe prix meal at a fraction of the cost of the same meal at dinner. It’s also a healthier alternative since I have time to work off the calories before I go to bed.

Saturday Déjeuner was at le Bistrot du Grezac. The entre (starter), vegetable flan; the plat (main course), beef; and dessert, strawberries with a meringue cookie.





Impromptu cabaret
One of the most thrilling moments of my weekend was being entertained by a most interesting family in the plaza. The father showed up at the cafe where I was having lunch on Sunday. Within moments a little girl playing an accordion and her mother joined him at his table.
Then the fun started. (click here)


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