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Summer Weekends in Uzes are a Taste of France

If you’re planning a visit to Uzes, be sure to make it over a weekend. There’s always something special going on.

Saturday Market is a day-long experience in itself with all the vendors and food stalls.

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If that’s not enough, there’s a French version of American jazz.

On Sundays, when you think the town should be ready to slow down, you’ll often run into a special art or music event in Place Aux Herbes.

 On this day … jewelry!! Leather and glass, linen and beads.

For the kids and families, Uzes throws a colorful, fun-filled, French-style carnival. 

Good eats are everywhere, including one of the French favorites, Andouillette — a flavorful sausage made with pork parts you don’t want to know.

Wish you were here? Listen and see the Sunday sights and sounds.

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