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There are some awesome views in the world that you can wake up to everyday. For me, this one ranks pretty high. Fate took me to the real estate office in Uzes to check out where I might live . With 55 steps to climb to my tower apartment, I’m still thankful and amazed I’m in France.

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Living modern in an ancient tower

Just because the walls are stone and the staircase is spiral and narrow doesn’t mean you have to live like a monk. When I moved into this apartment, I wanted to keep some of the “monastic” elements in tact. Would my love for bright colors — especially red and yellow —  be at odds with the look I was going for?

The building entrance

Apartment entrance at the Place de Duche

Apartment entrance at the Place de Duche

Located directly opposite the Palace of the Duchy of Uzes, the apartment building is only steps away from the village marketplace… and the town’s bell tower which rings every hour and half hour from 7 am until 10 pm. The short tower that appears to be below the bell is at the highest level of my apartment.UzesWalking from the the front of the apartment building down the street to the left leads to small shops and cafes.



On Saturdays and Wednesdays people are heading down this street to the open market.


Taking the road to the right around the Palace leads to the town’s main street.




A glimpse inside

Once you enter the apartment building on the ground floor, there is a handsome foyer that leads to the first floor apartments. (Yes, there are apartments on the ground floor, too.)

20130729-164920.jpgJust up the steps …

Then the fun begins. Take 20 steps on the spiral staircase to my apartment door.

2013-10-29 14.54.272013-11-03 10.07.48

… through the glass door and “welcome” chain to the entrance to the living room.

2013-11-10 15.24.42

Up more steps ….

2013-11-10 15.24.08

… to the tower.

2013-11-03 10.02.332013-11-03 10.02.46

2013-11-03 10.04.03

Inscribed with the date of the most recent renovation 2004

The guided tour – Part I

The Guest Room

2013-11-09 09.27.20

2013-11-09 09.22.59

2013-11-09 09.26.56

Original print by my friends and co-workers at Frameworks, London

Original print by my friends and co-workers at Frameworks, London

Pillow and lap blanket from two of my "best"!

Pillow and lap blanket from two of my “best”!

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