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Neighborhood Views in Uzes

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Many sights around the neighborhood in Uzes have been building up in my camera. It’s time to share.

As you would imagine, there are many narrow streets with ancient buildings all around Uzes. From my apartment, heading to the main street, here are just some of the alleyways and sights along the way.

Now that there are fewer and fewer tourists in town, some shops are closing, but mostly, people are staying indoors.


UzesCafes and bars along the main street are being taken over by the regular crowd again.

Anytime’s a good time to sit and enjoy a glass of wine, beer, pastis… and a smoke.

UzesLots of people in Uzes smoke cigarettes in and out of the bars and restaurants. A popular smoking habit is to roll your own cigarettes from tobacco in cans that is readily available at the neighborhood Tabac stores.










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