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Nimes: Gardens and Gladiators

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Visiting Nimes took me back to Miss Clegg’s Latin class in high school.

Some of you reading this story remember Miss Clegg. You probably don’t know that I had English translations of Homer’s Iliad and the Odyssey and Virgil’si Aeneid, loaned to me by my beloved Aunt Edna.

I still have nightmares that Miss Clegg discovers my secret and I get an “F” and I never graduate from high school.

Nimes (pronounced “Neem”), named for the Celtic God Nemasus, dates back to the first century BC. Soldiers of Julius Caesar were given land in Nimes, after 15 years’ service in the army, to create the town as a Roman colony.

During the rule of Augustus, Nimes was a prosperous city and boasted a population of 60,000 citizens. Mighty structures such as the aqueduct Pont du Gard were built to serve Nimes (see earlier post on Pont du Gard), and…

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