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May in Uzes: Art, Food and Mustang Sally

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It’s officially tourist season in Uzes. By the first of May all of the shops that closed for winter are open. The town is becoming lively again with art shows and fun things to fill your day.

Last week I was off to visit Geoffrey to resume our “play dates” — yes, he’s back!

An advertising flyer for2014-04-30 13.12.03 the opening of an art expo was stuck to the front door of his house. Fortunately, I noticed it because the opening for the exhibit was that day. Instead of going to dinner, as planned, we made a quick decision to attend the expo. First, there would be plenty of food and wine and, second, we would meet some new and old friends.

Geoffrey's door Uzes If I havent’ told you before, Uzes is for artists and for those who love art of all kinds. With numerous “pop-up” art galleries, there are lots of exhibits.

Arriving at the Gallery Indigo, Geoffrey and I were among rooms full of guests — some were invited, others joined from off the street.  Various yummy things were being served, including a variety of pizzas in small bites, as well as seafood, cheese and sausages in puffed pastries. A choice of red, white and rose wines was waiting for guests to serve themselves.

Definitely not an art critic, yet I was … and still am intrigued by some of these paintings — especially the “portraits.”

(Please note: these photos were taken with my iPhone at the exhibition, but you will get the idea …)

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The faces are quite compelling. Perhaps it’s their innocence shown in unexpected guises that draws me in.

Also displayed were larger paintings with totally different themes.

Art in Uzes   The “Crevettes” is the title of one of the series of paintings, ie: “Shrimp”     2014-05-08 14.41.39


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And ceramics

Francois Mandin, 100Drine, Dom Labreuil, and Cecile Constantin are the artists.

2014-05-08 14.47.00

 Lunch at Le Provencal

One of my favorite places for lunch in Uzes is Le Provencal. The cafe is on the main street right across from the Cathedral.

My first visit to Le Provencal was the night of Beaujolais Nouveau. It seemed a bit “rough”. During tourist season and warmer weather when you can be served outside, it’s quite different. Definitely the best food I’ve eaten in town. In fact, I’m seriously considering having the “plat du jour” several times a week to treat myself … and to economize. A fabulous meal with fresh, local ingredients is prepared and served at a price that can’t be beat. It’s really less expensive, and much more fun, than grocery shopping and cooking.

Even the four-legged guests are charming.


My new devotion comes from my special treatment from Alex and Fabien who work at Le Provencal.

One day when I met Geoffrey and his new friend, Annabelle, for lunch at Le Provencal,  I drove Mustang Sally and parked her across the street.

Sally had just been picked up from her winter parking place and she needed gas. In fact, she needed a bath, too. So after her bath and when I was ready to fill her tank at Carrefour’s gas pump, I found the key for the gas lid wouldn’t work. Or at least it wouldn’t work for me.

Not wanting to break the key in the lock, I called Geoffrey — of course. He invited me to stop by Le Provencal for him to inspect the key to make sure it was the right one and to join them for dessert.

No quicker than I had dipped my spoon into the heavenly île flottante (floating island – see below), Alex and Fabien were yelling: “Geoffrey, the police are ticketing your car!” (in French.)

With that, they both left the restaurant and the tables they were waiting, and ran towards the police beside Mustang Sally. I jumped up and joined them to plead mercy with the gendarmes.

Fortunately the officers were merciful and I drove Sally away without a ticket.

Here’s what I missed!

île flottante

île flottante

… and on the opposite side of the table..a French take on Apple Pie … apples and cinnamon ice cream on a thin pastry.

French apple pie dessert

French apple pie dessert


Mustang Sally gets a make-over

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