“The Golden Girls Loving Italy” Day 14-15: Rome

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Rome is too overwhelming to be consumed in only a few days. It would take weeks to appreciate the breadth and depth of the city.

This makes four times I’ve visited Rome. I haven’t made a dent.

Like Florence, The Golden Girls were in Rome for a holiday, not a history tour. We concentrated on Vatican City since visiting the Sistine Chapel was one of the Golden Girl’s objectives for traveling to Italy.

For two days, we stayed, ate and wandered around the Vatican City area. Except for going onto the papal grounds, we were mostly away from tourists. Which translates to: ‘No one spoke English.” .

We were lost most of the time, wandering around aimlessly look for a bus, a cab… thIMG_2475e way back to the AIRBNB apartment.

Thanks to Map quest, we were OK … when and if we could get online.


One thing we learned over the two days is that Romans are very considerate and helpful … except for the cabby who drove us to the Airbnb our first night in town. A ride that should have cost no more than 25 euros cost almost 70 euros.


Ok. Give us a break. We’d just arrived by train after a full day in Cinque Terra. And it was after midnight. We were exhausted.

Hint #1: Don’t take a “gypsy cab”. Make certain there’s a meter in the car.

The friendly Romans were happy to help three struggling American females.

IMG_2440We met them at the bus stop when we needed directions on using the transportation systems.

They were there for us on buses to wave us off at the right stop.

Cafe owners stopped in the middle of their busy morning to give us advice on getting around.IMG_2488


Hint #2: If you need help, ask. You will meet some charming folks.



People Watching at Vatican City

Dividing_Light_from_DarknessOne Golden Girl wanted to see the Sistine Chapel. The huge crowds that were gathered in lines to visit the Chapel were enough to convince me that two visits to the Chapel were enough for a while.

Too late, I learned the restoration of the ceiling art by Michelangelo has been finished and to see it is a whole new experience.

Get Happy, Rome

What I did do that day at the Vatican City is watch people. Many got in the way of my camera lens and I want to share them with you. The striking observation I made when going through the photos was the contrast between “happy” and “not”. (My apologies to any I caught on a “bad day”.)

The video was lots of fun to make, although you might find it a bit trite to use the tune that has filled the internet lately. When you watch, you’ll see why it fits!

Would love your comments, anytime.

Next stop: Nova Sira, Italy




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