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Ouch!! The Dentist

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It’s bad enough to have a crown fall out of your mouth when you’re in a new country. Finding out your dentist speaks no English is worse.

Unless, of course, your dentist is Dr. Espeso. IMG_1615-001

So who’s complaining? This lovely man speaks Spanish and French, which means we could almost carry on a conversation. My Spanish is just a little better than my French.

With sign language and a few broken sentences in English, French and Spanish,  the doctor managed to understand my problem. It helped that I was carrying a tooth  and that I had a hole in my mouth where the tooth fit.

Looking at the tooth and motioning, I think he said something like “I’m not sure this is going to last.”

At that point, I had no options. A visit to a dentist to get a crown glued in is one thing.  Having serious dental work done isn’t a choice. Can you imagine trying to figure out a dental procedure with my French? AAACCCCHHH

You’re curious to see the inside of a dental office in Uzes, right?


Coming from the street into the old building, I was a bit concerned.


The door to the dentist’s office is on the “premier etage.” (The lower level is the street floor.)


Dentist office France

The room where the dental chair and equipment were set up was all so familiar. Relief!



Dentist office in France





Familiar or not,  a visit to the dentist is never fun.



Dentist office France

IMG_1616Thanks all, for making it a day to remember!









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    • I don’t have dental insurance in the US or in France. Fortunately I don’t have enough problems that it makes it worthwhile. So I just paid cash for the work here. It was about equivalent to $60 US.

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