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Jeudi de Nîmes: J’aime Nîmes!

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Every Thursday night during July and August the city of Nimes throws a party. Tourists, locals, singles and families join in the festivities that center around the ancient Roman arena and forum (Maison Carrée).

The Roman Arena in Nimes under a clear blue August sky.

The Roman Arena in Nimes under a clear blue August sky.



Maison Carrée

Maison Carrée


  This visit to Nimes’ Thursday event I was intent on watching the Tango exhibition. Along the way, however, there were markets; lively cafes on every street; as well as music and dancing of all sorts and origins.

(Check out the “rockers” dancing.)


80's Rock Bands

80’s Rock Bands


Flamenco Band

Flamenco Band


There, in the back streets of Nimes, was the event I was looking forward to seeing again. Tango dancers from around the area merged together for an evening of music that lasted until midnight. Not a moment longer. City authorities in Nimes and other towns are very strict about noise. Fines are steep for anyone who disobeys party closing times.


Tango Lovers

Tango Lovers











Definitely a few dancers stand out from the rest.







Oh, that I could learn Tango just by watching.

I did learn there’s a strict Tango tradition. A woman can never asks a man to dance. It’s just not done. So women pretty much sit around the dance floor and wait until someone invites them to join them to Tango.




The men check out the available crop of dancers.



Then assuming everything goes well …




Almost all are matched up for the next Tango.




Thursday nights in Nimes will not be the same until this time next year. Meanwhile, Tango classes start in Uzes in September. Hmmm…





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    • The seaside towns I lived in while in SC were very active during the tourist seasons. But I’ve never experienced anything like this. Perhaps it’s because it’s all so new. Tango, bullfights, etc.

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