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Village Scenes in Uzes: One Crazy Good Artist

Last Saturday afternoon one of the local artists in Uzes threw a soiree for a few friends and fans. Aside from celebrating the last days of his art exhibit, it was a crazy good party.

Artist dancing in the street

Artist dancing in the street


Crazy good art show





"Rencontre Urbaine"

“Rencontre Urbaine”





Le Mariage Pourtous


Good food




Fresh oysters and shrimp from the Saturday Market, pate, aubergine, saucisse (sausage), fromage (cheese) and pain (bread).



Funky music



New friends



… and one crazy artist dancing in the street




Francois Lewandrowski



This is how they do art shows in Uzes!


Wonder why I love it here???

Oh yes, almost forgot … and a piano tuner in the steet!


Check out the artwork of  Francois Lewandrowski an other artist on Uzes: Village of Artists post.


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