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It’s A Blustery Day in France: Le Mistral

Le Mistral is back!

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When I was first considering the move to Uzes, France, a new friend mentioned the “wind” in the winter.

Since she chooses to return to her home in London each year from late September until April, I figured the “wind” was a convenient rational, rather than a real reason to leave. That was before I experienced the “wind” for myself. It is so prevalent and so powerful that it has a name: “Le Mistral.” Residents of Uzes have a saying about Le Mistral:

“It sometimes lasts only one or two days, frequently lasts several days, and sometimes lasts more than a week.”

Let me know if you can figure out that prediction. From my brief experience in this part of France where Le Mistral is prevalent, I’ve known it to last more than a week. Having lived next to the Atlantic Ocean, I would describe it as a strong ocean…

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