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Stacey Kent Concert in Uzes

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There are a few musical events in my life that the Barefoot Blogger will always remember. The concert with Stacey Kent in the Cour du Duche high on the list.

A magnificent azure sky against the yellow haze of the Chateau du Duche and a soft summer breeze made the evening in Uzes seem heaven-sent. Add to that the clear, innocent voice of Stacey Kent, singing my favorite type of music — Antonio Carlos Jobim, Stan Getz, aka Diana Krall and Melody Gardot. It was an experience that made me pinch myself several times during the performance to make certain I was not dreaming.


Although I live only a few feet away from the Chateau du Duche, I had never been inside the courtyard. Guests are invited for special events and occasional tours.


Inside the Cour des Duche

Inside the Cour des Duche


The Cour des Duche

The Cour du Duche


The private Chapel

The private Chapel



Stain glass windows to the Chapel des Duche upclose.

Stain glass windows to the Chapel du Duche up close.


The stage set up inside the Cours des Duche

The stage set up inside the Cours du Duche


There was even a glimpse of the Duke and the family who were entertained from the balcony onto the Cour du Duche.


The family and the Duke

The family and the Duke


Isn’t it fun to see royalty up close and personal?


Stacey Kent and her ensemble were casual and at ease with the mostly French audience. Stacey Kent is an American and conversed easily in French, telling the crowd about the music and her fellow musicians — especially her husband, the lead brass and wind artist.




Stacey Kent in concert in Uzes


Stacey Kent

Stacey Kent



Jim Tomlinson, Stacey's husband and saxophonist extraordinaire.

Jim Tomlinson, Stacey’s husband and saxophonist extraordinaire.







Now sit back and enjoy the music of Stacey Kent.







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    • To top it off, I got a note from Stacey Kent’s staff thanking me for posting this on her Facebook page. Such nice people, too. You’re right. What an adventure!

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