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An Insider’s Guide to Shopping in Nimes

Last week the Barefoot Blogger took a shopping trip into Nimes, the closest “big city” near Uzes. I had curtains on my mind.

As much as I try, there’s always something I think will make my apartment in Uzes even better. This time I’m looking for some simple curtains for my “utility” room. To be honest, the room didn’t need curtains until I bought the precious daybed in San Quentin de la Poterie. Remember it from this blog? It’s now in my “utility” room, soon to be “reading room.”



After a few times driving to shopping areas in Nimes, I’m beginning to know my way around. There’s the downtown area with it’s trendy shops and promenades. Then there’s the megastores on the outskirts of town. Carrefour is one of the biggest stores and it’s much like a Walmart or Target. The big difference is that there are a number of smaller stores under the same roof, so it’s like a shopping center with an anchor store — except the whole center has the name of the anchor store — “Carrefour.”

Then there are a multitude of huge, sprawling stores along the same highway as Carrefour. Most are named “rama“-something.

IMG_2781 My destination for the day was Castorama. 

Castorama reminds me of Home Depot in the states, complete with huge lighting displays, appliances and garden decor. (How ’bout those crazy floor lamps?!)

Wandering through the store, I couldn’t help but wish I could use a chartreuse toilet seat!


If the wall sign “J’dore” had been in red, not hot pink, it would have gone home with me!



Outdoor furniture was really impressive. I’m not certain I’ve seen anything quite this stylish in the Home Depots I visit. Not a bad price either!

But back to my reason for the shopping trip — curtains. There was a big selection, including Hello Kitty.



After filling my tiny shopping cart (large carts are available) with my selection of curtains, rods and curtain hardware, I went to the checkout where I was welcomed by the friendly, English-speaking cashier. Who, by the way, loves the USA. Her cousin lives in California.



Oh! One thing that I failed to mention is how you get from Uzes to Nimes by car.

You drive along a two-lane, winding road that requires a lot of concentration and courage. If you have a few minutes to watch the video, you can imagine the ride. Areas along the narrow roadway are lined with blanc trees that are so close together you don’t want to blink when a car is approaching. The mountainous curves remind you of road races you see televised from France. In fact, the route between Nimes and Uzes is often on the Tour de France course because of it’s difficulty.

(OK, so I sped up the video a bit … but you get the idea!)

Later, Dinner in Uzes

The drive to Nimes and shopping trip took less than two hours. Then it was back to Uzes for dinner with two new friends — readers of the Barefoot Blogger from Pittsburgh!


It’s not often that I rave about a restaurant; however, this night was special. I hardly recommend Comptoir du 7 in Uzes. Our dinner in the garden was devine.

First course, salads (anytime a salad is served with a puffed pastry, it’s a winner!)

Main course

Beef course served by Cyriel

Beef course served by Cyriel


… and a very special dessert — an assortment of sorbets with spun sugar and chocolate lace on a cookie crumble



A very fine day, indeed!

2015-06-26 07.51.52





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  1. Deborah wonderful as usual and love the food and pictures. Also your little saying at the end of your blog is the way Paula and I live life!!! Off Thursday to Brittany and Normandy and then up the coast of Norway to Russia–and finally later to Uzes in September–can hardly wait!!!

    • We’ll have to go to Comptoir when you’re here. The new friends from Pittsburg will be here in September, too. You’ll love each other! Have fun!

  2. Love the background music! I have a pair of beautiful linen toile drapes I purchased in Eze many years ago. I paid too much (of course) and have never used them…they are coming with me!

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