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The Bulls are Here!

It’s Fete Votive again in Uzes!

While the Barefoot Blogger is out and about, taking in the activities of Fete Votive this year, here’s a look back to last year’s event. Enjoy!

Barefoot Blogger

Oh my!  Now I know. Every August the streets of Uzes turn from business into a carnival. Bulls run in the streets;  brass bands with men and women in colorful uniforms “oomp-pa-pa” through the village; and parades with spectacular floats fill the place with music and lights.

The Uzes Fete Votive schedule goes on for six days. This is the running of the Bulls — Day One.

People line the

 People line the “main” street of Uzes waiting for the entertainment to start.

Horse and riders from the Camargue wait for the action to start.

Horses and cowboys from the Camargue ready themselves for the action.

  Horses from the Camargue   Horsemen from the CamargueHorsemen from the Camargue

They know there’s an important, dangerous job ahead.


 Horses are restless. Even so, this one made a special effort to pose for the camera.

Camargue horse   Camargue horse   Camargue horse

Handlers were listening for the signal to let out their cargo of Camargue bulls.




IMG_3251 Your guess what this was about?

The crowds were  anxious.

Bulls running in Uzes     Bulls running in Uzes 

Bulls running in Uzes

Then, in a flash, the truck gate was down and the bulls dashed out in a fury  … faster than the…

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  1. Deborah thanks for the photo’s and just sorry we will be late for all this year but will be there next year. See you in about a month==We arrive on the 19th of September.

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