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Just Another Summer Tuesday Night in Uzes

The Barefoot Blogger is getting a bit blasé, I’m afraid, about all the activity below my apartment windows on Tuesday nights.

I mean, there are only market vendors with jewelry, food and all sorts of handiwork. There’s a bit of music and, of course, tango dancing at the Mairie (town hall). Sounds boring, right?


Tuesday night around the Plaza de Duche

Tuesday night around the Plaza de Duche




Tango dancing at the Mairie on Tuesdays brings together dance lovers and tango club members from near and far.




Dancers swirl to their favorite tango music in this beautiful setting in the center of Uzes.



Inside the Hotel de Ville (Mairie)

Inside the Hotel de Ville (Mairie)





Wandering around the plaza gave me a chance to stop by for a short visit with one of my favorite artists. (More about Marie and her work coming soon!)





There’s always something new to try from the weekly vendors. l’Aligot de l’Aubrac is a mixture of cheese, heavy cream and potato stirred up in a huge pot. It’s served here with grilled sausage and onions.Yum!





Not bad for a summer Tuesday night in the neighborhood….


Duche in Uzes on Tuesday night

Duche in Uzes on Tuesday night





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  1. Hi Deborah, I stumbled accross this item when searching for info about night markets. A French lady told me the one in Anduze is better but it looks to me a long round trip!
    Another question – where do fireworks happen on Bastille Day and do you know what time they start?
    It was great meeting you last week – we will be in the pub later for the footy!

    • Loved meeting you, too! See you later. Check out the post just published for info on what to do Bastille Day. I’m still undecided!

    • It’s so easy to take things for granted, isn’t it. This is always fun and a time to look forward to each summer. Maybe you’ll be here to enjoy?

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