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  1. Thoughtful commentary . I am thankful for the specifics ! Does anyone know if I might grab a template Residential Lease Agreement 2 example to fill in ?

  2. Hi Debby:

    I am still a little confused by bank account and home rental situation. It seems like they want you to have a residence to get a bank account, but I have read you need a back account set up to rent a place. How were you able to rent a place without having a French bank account first? I have read some people have to pay all, or a large portion, of the entire term’s rent in advance? Is that what you had to do?

    Merci and tout le meiller


    • Chris, I’m trying to recall exactly the chain of events. As I remember, I had a document from the rental company that stated I had reserved the apartment, then I opened the bank account using that document. To confirm the apartment rental, I then paid one month’s rent in advance. The only issue I had with the bank account was that they wanted proof that my American taxes were up to date. For that, I showed the bank the cover sheet of my tax filing for the year.The surprise I had upon finalizing the rental payment was that I had to pay the whole agency finders fee. In the US, generally the person owning the apartment pays the agency, not the renter. I’m returning to Uzes June 8 and I can check with the rental agency to find out if I am correct about the info above. I can get back to you to confirm.

      • Hi Debby. That is very helpful. Do you remember approximately what the rental agency fee was? Was it a percentage of the total rent? Did you consider something like AirBNB for a rental? I have noticed some of those rentals have discounts for renting for one or more months.

        Thanks for all the information as always.

        Merci et tout le meilleur.

        • Let me get back with you about the rental fee. It’s with my papers in Uzes. I’ll be glad to send you the info when I’m back. I rented the apartment I stayed in for my 3-week holiday in Uzes through Airbnb. I haven’t tried to rent for extended times but if it’s possible, it would be a good way to test if you like a town. The three weeks in Uzes convinced me I was moving there!

  3. Great post, Debby. One thing I’ve been confused about…did you rent your apartment without a French bank account; or did you open an account without a place to live?

    • I rented the apartment first.. Or at least had signed the papers with the intent to rent. If you’re staying with someone before renting, or just have an address in France to use, you can open the bank account.

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