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Heaven on earth

Revisiting this day from 3 years ago reminds me how exciting it is to discover you have stumbled upon something really good.

OMG! This place is better than I remembered. A true heaven on earth!

After leavinq the hotel yesterday morning, I took a cab to the train station. My luck had taken a turn for the worse with computer problems and no AC in my hotel room, so I decided to take no chances and get a cab to the train station.

The scenery from the train wasn’t as exciting as I expected, and the windows of my coach were dirty, so I didn’t get the spectacular views and photos I hoped for. However, it was exciting enough traveling at 250 km/hr to get to Nimes just after noon.

Before leaving the states I messaged a friend I met in France in 2011 to see if we could meet up sometime in Uzes. Good news, he was available to meet me at the train in Nimes!

After a “welcome back” lunch and chance to catch up on the last two years, Sandy and his friend, Maggie, dropped me at my door in Uzes. In addition to the ride and lunch, I picked up some great sightseeing and photo tips since they are both accomplished travelers and photographers.

Here’s my home-away-from-home. Ain’t it great?





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  1. Hi Deborah:

    As you look back, what were the main reasons to finally pick Uzès over some other towns and villages? You visited places like Arles which I have read some very positive comments about. Arles has a train station, a hospital, Roman ruins, etc.. People say it is beautiful, although perhaps not as beautiful as Uzès. What aspects of Uzès trumped the fact that you would need a car for convenient transportation and would not have as much access to some of the facilities a bigger city provides? Was it mainly the people you knew or met in Uzès?

    Merci et tout de meilleur.


    • Good question, Chris. I hate to admit but I never thought of the conveniences or inconveniences of living in Uzes. My desire to live there came straight from my heart, not my head. I literally fell in love with the place. I am still in love with it. Every time I leave and visit any other place in the world, I always return to Uzes and say to myself: “there’s truly nothing in the world quite like this.”

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