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Inside A French Artist’s Home

Each time I begin a blog post, it seems to start off with “One of my favourite things in France is ….” 

Sorry about that, but every day, every experience in this wonderful new world of mine seems to be better than the last.

One of my favorite things in France is seeing behind village walls and witnessing the inside beauty of the stone buildings and centuries-old houses. Especially those homes which have been converted from former silk farms.

This time I had the pleasure of visiting the home of Jean Marie Memin, one of the artists I’ve admired since my earliest time in Uzes. Happily I’ve seen his work in various exhibitions over the past couple of years. He is a master at pen and ink drawings which he uses to illustrate people and their “traits.”

Last week I tagged along with my artist friend, Andy Newman, to visit Memin at his home to see various artwork on view. We were warmly received by Jean Marie and his lovely wife, who is also an artist. We were served apéritifs and offered a peek at the rooms on the main floor. Of course, I had to pull out my camera so I could share this with you.

Oh happy day! I hope you enjoy this visit and view behind the walls, too. 

Salon of artist Jean Marie Memin in south of France

Salon of artist Jean Marie Memin


Salle à manger in home of Memin in south of France

Salle à manger that is used an put to work for everyday business, like at my place.



Ghirlaine Memin in the cuisine preparing apéritifs

Ghirlaine Memin in the cuisine preparing apéritifs


Everyday decor in the cuisine of French artists

Everyday decor in the cuisine of French artists


Apéritifs are served. Rosé or white wine, or homemade liqueur d'orange. Andy Newman in the background

Apéritifs are served. Rosé or white wine, or homemade liqueur d’orange


Jean Marie Memin at home

Jean Marie Memin at home


I’m always curious about the artwork that artists display in their own homes. Among the beautiful pieces, this one stood out to me.


Artwork displayed in Memin home

Artwork displayed in Memin home


A quick view of a part of the house that surrounds the garden.





Memin home and garden

Memin home and garden




A farewell to new friends




A small example of Jean Marie Memin’s work which includes a “porchette signet” collection.  Each porchette signet contains a series of small drawings put together with a theme.

P. S. The Memins are hoping to move back to Marseilles to live near family in so the home is for sale. It’s about 20 minutes from Uzes.  Email me at deborah@bfblogger.com if you want more details. I’m not an agent, but I’m always glad to connect people who want to move to France!


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  1. Yes, you are right in starting many of your sentences with ‘One of my favourite…’ as there are lots of favourite things around here in the south of la belle France, and as we discover a new day, we discover new things, some we never knew ‘would be us’…so they become a new favourite thing…yes, life is terrible here, isn’t it? C u on the 30th…x

  2. You are living a fabulous life! Thank you for sharing your adventures. I’m hopelessly in love with France, her people and her culture and want to do an immersion course in language there someday. Who knows what wonderful adventures are ahead? 😊

    • Don’t wait! Life is too short to put anything off until another day, although I know we all have responsibilities in our lives. Keep dreaming and working on it and it will happen!

  3. Dear Déborah,

    My you do a great job — they definitely should add this post to their house sales effort!

    Meanwhile, I have finished the Terry Sweeney book, and enjoyed it immensely. Now i will have to determine how to return it to you ….




    • Thank you for taking me to visit. It was a great day! Hang onto the book and pass it around. I have another. Nevertheless, I’m hoping to see you again before you leave for the states again!

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