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Moving to France: So much to do, so little time

Going to brocantes is tempting me to buy stuff now that I’m living in France. I had to repost this to remind myself how hard it is to get rid of STUFF!

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Moving to France is like any other move. You have to pack up your stuff to get there.

In my case, that means getting rid of 40 years worth of stuff before I pack.

Most things I should have gotten rid of years ago. Instead, I’ve gone from place to place, schlepping all this with me. If it didn’t fit in the new place, it went into storage.

Today is a new day. Stuff isn’t as important as it used to be. It’s time to start fresh.

Moving to France looks like this

Since I have to furnish the apartment in Uzes, a few things are going with me that I think will be useful. I’ll buy furniture and other items when I get there, probably second hand, and sell them when I leave.

A shipping company will send 10 boxes (18″x18″x16″) from SC to Marseilles, for less than $600…

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  1. Geez – what an ordeal to get a long stay visa! I totally enjoy your blog because my husband and I are also US citizens thinking about having a place in the South of France- we were looking at Frontignan in fact!


    • I had to look up Frontignan to see where you’re going. It looks fabulous! I’m going to check it out someday soon. Promise, if I can do this, you can. I don’t know the language. Sounds like you’ve been here to check it all out. The French are very helpful, although their systems are awful … and they admit it. You should see what I’m going through trying to renew my visa this time. A whole story in itself! Thanks for commenting… perhaps you’ll find something that will push you this way.


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