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7 Days in Dordogne: Up, Up and Away!

What a day! What a way to end the week traveling and touring in Dordogne. Let’s just say, it ended on a very high note.

Yesterday my traveling companion and long-lost and found friend from grade school, Julie, and I put some serious miles behind us. We drove over four hours straight from Sarlat to Tours. I’m dropping Julie off at the train station in Tours tomorrow and heading back toward Uzes. Julie’s going on to Paris for a few days before returning to Colorado.

Before we ended our “reunion” tour, we were giving ourselves the last “treat” of our journey. As you may remember, we planned two special treats for the trip. One was an overnight stay and dinner in a chateau.  The last we scheduled for today. We went to see a royal chateau. More than that, we experienced the chateau from every angle possible.

The Château at Chenonceau 

Known as the “Ladies Château,” Chenonceau was built in the 16th century on the remains of a 14th century castle and mill belonging to the Marquay family. There are writings, however, that mention the castle and mill as early as the 11th century. Still intact from the Marquay era is the chateau’s  well and the Marques tower which was restored in the Renaissance style.

The property has been lived in by a King’s mistress, Queens, heiresses and business tycoons. It is currently owned by a member of the Menier family, famous for their chocolates.

I’ll leave the history and stories of the château for a later post. Today will be a photo tour. A most unusual one, too. I was particularly interested in the “crooks and crannies” of the place since everything else is in hundreds of books.

Château at Chenonceau



Part 2…stay tuned…



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    • Thank you! I have so many photos I don’t know how to decide which to use. I’ll probably have the blog made into several books that I’ll read in the old folks home. If I can still see!

  1. My husband I I visited there this March in a pouring rain storm. When we walked in there was an giant fire roaring in the first room fireplace. Such an amazing chateau — gorgeous. You are living our dream, we are planning to make the jump to expats in three years. We love to read and see you adventures and we are from Charlotte also. Enjoy, enjoy!

    • Oh my goodness! Charlotte! Yes, come on to France. It’s a dream come true. I can just imagine the fire in the fireplace at the chateau. Hopefully there were not as many tourists your visit. Beautiful just the same. Thanks for joining me on this tour and sending your note

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