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Christmas in Uzes? Here’s a Preview

This year I plan to stay in France for the Christmas holiday. Friends say there’s nothing in the world quite like it. 

One year I was in Uzes until late December so I got a hint of how special the atmosphere is around here. There are festive decorations on street lamps and above the roadways and walkways in town, store windows are filled with holiday gift items, and piped-in music blankets the airways. It is truly magical.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by!



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  1. So festive! I love actually feeling the Christmas spirit in the air and beautiful decor and music just make me smile. Hope to visit one day!


    • I’m really looking forward to Christmas time since it will be my first full holiday here in the south of France. It’s supposed to be amazing. You should drop by for sure!


  2. How timely. We will be in the area for Christmas and New Years, staying in isle sur la Sorgue area. We are planning to go around to the villages and towns to see the Christmas displays etc. Uzes was already on the list. If you have any tips on special events around the area, we would appreciate hearing from you.
    Any recommendations for Christmas dining would also be appreciated.
    As always, I enjoy reading your blog and insights of living in France.


  3. Loved seeing familiar streets and shops all decked out for Christmas . Its the one season we have never been there and it looks like we have been missing out !


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