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How to Get To France Via Barcelona by Train

In case you missed it!

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If you’re thinking of heading to Uzes this summer, or anywhere else in the south of France, check out flights to and from Barcelona. Then grab a train.

When friends talk about visiting the south of France, I always suggest they look at airfare and consider coming in through Barcelona. It’s only a short train ride to some of the most visited places in France. Now that I’ve spent a couple of days in Barcelona, I’m going to really emphasize the idea. The city and the Catalan area of Spain shouldn’t be missed. In just two days I sampled some of my favorite things — astonishing architecture, food and shopping.

“Modernisme” at its best

The first time I visited Barcelona was 1966 with two college girlfriends from North Carolina. The three of us were on a “Europe-on-$5-a-day” tour in my new “fastback” VW. We’d picked up the car in London…

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