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Look What’s Cooking on Sunday in Paris

Sunday is a day of rest for many people around the world, but in Paris there’s plenty to keep you busy… like a cooking class with a professional chef and a new exhibit at Musee d’Orsay. 

There were two things I especially wanted to do in Paris on this trip. One was to go to the market day session at Cook’n with Class. The other was to visit the Musée d’Orsay‘s new exhibit “Beyond the Stars: The Mystical Landscape …from Monet to Kandinsky.” I ended up doing them both today.

Starting off just after 8 o’clock this morning, I walked from the hotel to a nearby metro station to catch a train to the rendezvous spot for the cooking class. I was to watch for a man “toting a green grocery cart.” Sure enough, just on time, here came Anton.

Sunday market in the area near the Jules Joffrin Metro is quite different from market days in Uzes. Here the “stalls” are actual stores that are open for Sunday shoppers. For today, though, many stores were shuttered for the presidential Election Day. Fortunately, we had a great selection of fish, meats and vegetables available that stirred our imagination…and our appetite.

Have you ever seen such perfect produce? There’s not a brown spot to be found!

….and the meats and fish. Perfect!

After gathering the main ingredients for our menu, which was decided upon while we were shopping, we headed for the Cook’n With Class school which was nearby.

By the time we’d reached the cooking school, Chef Anton had come up with our 4-course menu: pan-seared sea bass with asparagus and tomato butter; duck breast with baby vegetables and celeriac mousseline; cheese, and pear tart baurdalou.

Here’s where we started:

Here’s where we ended … all those lovely ingredients…and WE created this!

Sea Bass

Cheese assortment

Pear tart bourdalou with fresh strawberries

For more on Sunday’s cooking adventure check out the slideshow on the Barefoot Blogger’s Facebook page –and follow me on FB if you don’t already. There’s always something going on there.

To find out more about the Cook’n With Class schedule in Paris and their school “down south” in Uzes, click here. This is Cook’n With Class’  10th Anniversary, so there are lots of special things planned for students. Check it out.

Next… from Monet to Kandinsky at the Musée Orsay…stay tuned….

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    • It was delicious and I learned some new tips about cooking fish, like start with cooking the skin side down. It was so much fun, too. Not at all like cooking in my tiny kitchen!

  1. Deborah that was a fantastic day and now we will see what you learned as you can experiment on Paula and me after we arrive in France. We will give you at least a week to settle down and practice the receipts!!! HA!! HA!!

  2. I’m loving your post!! In all my visits to Paris over the past ten years, I’ve been dying to attend a cooking class, But due to family commitments and procrastination, I’ve never done so. And it took me a while to figure out tow to use the oven, temps, etc.
    I’ve done a lot of food shopping in Paris and never stopped to reflect on the produce. I get all awestruck when I’m at Marché Forville in Cannes. Thank you for an incredibly fun post!!!!

    • You’re so welcomed, Catherine! You must try a class with Cook’n with Class in Paris or Uzes. So much fun! I’m amazed too at the perfect produce to choose from. It makes you want to eat if not to cook!

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