Bordeaux Day 2: La Cité de Vin

Three days is the perfect length of time to spend in Bordeaux if you want to get a taste for the city. On this visit I spent Day 1 learning about the secrets of great wine

Day 2: La Cité de Vin!

The ultimate museum for wine lovers! Immerse yourself in wine history, wines of the world and more in this ultra-modern experience made for learning and fun.


La Cité de Vin


If you ever imagined a Disney World for wine lovers, La Cité de Vin would be it. 

La Cité de Vin entrance


From the grand front entrance to the wine bar that is at the top of the towering 8-story building, there are visual and sensual activities throughout. 

The Belvedere where you can taste a selection of the world’s best wines


For the ticket price of 20 euros, you can spend hours wandering through the massive exhibition spaces or focus on your area of interest. Twenty themed spaces — some within bottle-shaped stations, others with audiovisual productions — enable you to self discover the influence of wine on world culture, history, geography, arts and sciences.





For a special occasion, imagine lunch or dinner here. It is accompanied with a 360 view of the nearby area of Bordeaux and the Garonne. 

Dinner with a 360-view





Looking for a favorite vintage? The circular”wine cellar” has a collection of 14,000 bottles on display and for sale.

Wines from around the world


Simply follow the map

“Map” of wines for sale at La Cité de Vin



Expensive wines for expensive tastes




Architects from Paris won the design competition for imaging La Cité de Vin and the building was opened to the public June 1, 2016.  The shape of the futuristic museum symbolizes “knotted vine stocks, wine turning in the glass, the swirls and eddies of the Garonne river.





At the top, movable glass panels aid in ventilation. A marvel of ingenuity and sustainability!

Glass panels that move for airflow


If you think it can’t get any better that to visit Le Cité de Vin, it can! There are temporary exhibits such as “Bistro” that are scheduled throughout the year in the art gallery.

“Bistro” Exhibit




Ready for Day 3 in Bordeaux?  Stay tuned …. 








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  1. Deborah this is truly one visit no one should miss whether you love and drink wine or not. The building is just an architectural marvel and the history is wonderful to visit first hand. It is a one day excursion for sure as one needs to really relax and spend time enjoying all the wine exhibits and the food and views!!!


  2. Looks like a fantastic place to visit! I passed through Bordeaux briefly a couple of weeks back but didn’t have time to stop at La Cite du Vin. Next time!


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