Tour with the Barefoot Blogger in the South of France

Visit me in the south of France!

I’ve raved about my life in Uzés and the south of France for the last four years. Now it’s time for you to make some memories of your own. Memories you promised yourself. 

I’m thrilled to invite you to join me on a women’s tour of some of my favorite places in the south of France. Along with my friend and best-selling author Patricia Sands, we’ll play and travel together for twelve fun-filled days!

memories you promised yourself tour

Memories you promised yourself

Remember the time the Barefoot Blogger took you to St. Rémy? We drove through the stately blanc trees that lined the streets leading to town? We visited where Vincent Van Gogh spent his last year painting masterpieces like “Starry Nights.” We’re going there.

Do you recall our visit to the ancient Roman town of Arles and to Aigues Mortes, the walled city of the Crusades? We’ll be there, too.

How about Sete? You know we couldn’t leave out Sete with its winding canals, indoor market, rows of harbor-side cafes … and the beach? Yes, we’ll be there!

Memories You Promised Yourself Tour

That’s not all …

Our days will be filled seeing breathtaking scenery in towns like Eze and St. Paul de Vence. Learning about the history and culture of France. Our nights will be spent wining and dining in cozy and chic French cafes. For twelve days we’ll make memories that will surely last a lifetime.

The Memories You Promised Yourself Tour is scheduled for September 10 through September 22. Sixteen women max, plus me, Patricia and a tour guide.

Spaces will fill up fast, so please get in touch with Nancy McGee of Absolutely Southern France right away. There’s a discount for “Early Bird” reservations if made before January 31.

You don’t want to miss this.  It’s our chance to meet, at last!  


For tour details visit Absolutely Southern France.

Early bird discount for reservations by January 31. 


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  1. Are there still spaces left?! My sister and I are considering the trip VERY strongly…But it is getting late at 2-11-2018. Thanks, Sally and Lynn

        • Hi Deborah……Going over the prices and air logistics……..SIngle supplement is a biggie…And, I live in Myrtle Beach so I will have to fly to NY, JFK and go out from there….Adds car services and hotel…..But getting closer111

          • Ask about the roommate matching. There are others who might want to share a room. Did you know I once lived in Myrtle Beach?

          • Oh, awesome, you did write that you moved from South Carolina, but not Myrtle Beach….I am north a bit in Carolina Shores, Sunset Beach, NC….My son went to Coastal Carolina University and has been here for 14 years….Which is what drew me to this area…..
            I don’t think I am up to the room pairing…..11 nights is a long time to share a room with someone you never met…?????

          • I moved to France from Beaufort, SC and lived in Myrtle Beach before that…and in Columbia and Florence in the past. So we were definitely neighbors. About the room sharing… your roommate could also turn out to be your new best friend, but it’s totally up to you to decide. This is a pretty active tour so you won’t be in your room very much, unless you choose to. You can always convince a friend or relative to come along and you’ll get a $100 discount. Hope you’ll join us🇫🇷🌈

        • I just tried to email Nancy about reserving spaces but it would not go thru!!! I then tried to send her an email and THAT would not go thru! HELP!!

  2. Really considering this trip…I was in Nice for a day during a cruise and did not want to leave….Just the one day stole my heart……Would be doing this alone so trying to work up the nerve……Will be checking on airline costs in the next few days and hope there is a place left once I decide for sure…

    • So excited that you’re considering the trip, Deb. You’re going to fall in love all over again with Nice … and there’s so much more! Thanks for contacting me by email. I’ll get back with you with all the info. Hope to meet you!

    • Don’t know who this is, but if you’re joining the tour, I’m so happy! Thanks for the compliment on the video. I’m still trying to figure out how to use the movie app!

  3. Bonjour !,
    I have just watched the video and I would like to know if it is possible to tell who composed and play the music ? The women who will have the chance to join both of you will go back home with some kind of happiness that will always stay with them. Thank you,

    • I found the music on iTunes. Isn’t it so French? It’s “Happy Music to Wake up to.” Please come and join us!

  4. Tony and I have done several road trips with Deborah, in France and Italy. Anyone thinking of going on this tour should know you’ll be guaranteed a wonderful insight into all the places you’ll visit, the choices of cafés/restaurants will be perfect and YOU WILL HAVE A BALL! I am just so sorry I can’t come on this trip… Bon Voyage!

    • Judith, you’re such an angel! I adore traveling with you and Tony. Especially looking forward to the birthday trip to Marseilles. Happy Birthday!

  5. What a lovely little video. It made me itchy for the summer when we get back to the Cote d’Azur! Your tour group sounds great–and I hope those women who sign up realize that they will be falling in love with the most wonderful place in the world to visit!

    • Catherine, thank you! I’m so thrilled to be spending time showing other women friends the place we love so much. You’ll have to say ‘Hi’ if you’re around in September.

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