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The Doors and Windows of Marseille


Marseille doors and windows were the highlights of my first proper visit to Marseille. I want to share them with you.

Marseille, the second-largest city in France, is one of those places where photographers are compelled to stop every few seconds to take a picture. When walking through the historic heart of Marseille, the “Le Panier” district, I snapped photos at almost every corner. The artistic spirit of the area was electric. Paintings and graffiti on walls and buildings were expressions of the culture and the people. They were colorful, energetic, and eclectic. However, it was the doors and windows of Marseille and Le Panier that made me melt.

These photos of the Le Panier district help set the scene for the video of doors and windows shown below. Believe me, it’s only a tiny sample of the area and its creativity.



Enjoy this brief look at Marseille doors and windows.




Stay tuned for more: the views, the history, and the food of the fabulous seaport city.


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  1. Hi ! If you are fond of graffiti and paintings in Marseille, I think that you should go around the Cours Julien and the surrounding streets, the street art there is even more impressive, and the atmosphere is really cool ! It’s among my favorite spots in Marseille 😉

  2. Love the doors and windows, but I cannot tolerate graffiti. I find it to be among the most disrespectful acts of vandalism. Yes, these artists may be creative, but could they please be considerate of the historic value of the “canvasses” they are spray painting. Unlike a museum or gallery where you choose to enter or not the passerby is an unwilling hostage of the “artwork”. Large, landscape “tattoos” are akin to large, political billboards, and I, for one, don’t believe these charming city centers should bear testiment to these enduring, illustrated opinions.

    • Interestingly, I understand that the street art is encouraged in this district bringing many tourists to the area.

  3. Deborah time is moving along and you are not wasting a second. Great pictures of the streets of Marseille. I am anxious to see you next blog about the food and the rest of the City.

    • I was so impressed by the city. A total surprise and somewhere I’ll want to visit again and again. It’s so easy to get there from Uzes. We must go this summer!

  4. Bonjour !
    About Marseille; during your time there, did you feel ” safe ” ? We often hear how we have to be careful about pickpockets, etc.
    Do you think it’s like any big city ?
    I enjoy the pictures, another way to travel.


    • I felt totally safe while I was in Marseille. I will say I was in and around Le Vieux Port area, which I would imagine would be ripe for pickpockets. Yes, you’re right. It’s like any big city. Some places are not as pleasant and safe as others. It’s the reputation for “not safe” that kept me from going to Marseille before now. I’m so glad I had the chance to prove myself wrong. It’s a great place to visit! A great place for photos, too. Glad you enjoyed them. More to come later…

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