Let’s Eat the World? Start in Seville

Let’s Eat the World? What’s in a name? I’m finding out while exploring, cooking, and eating in Seville.

Let’s Eat the World is the brainchild of Chef Eric and Yetunde of Cook’n with Class in Uzès and Paris. It’s their way of taking friends and followers along with them to experience the foods and cultures of the world. As they move around with their young son, Rémi— from France, now to Spain, next to ??? — they’re inviting others to join them in a most creative way — learning to appreciate and prepare foods of the region. In other words, they’re inviting you and me –so …  “Let’s Eat the World.”

A French Chef in Seville?

If you’re wondering like I did: “how does a French chef know about preparing Spanish food?” There’s a simple answer. Professionally trained chefs are like chemists. They understand the ingredients, techniques, and outcomes of mixing and combining things we eat. A béchamel, for example, is a “mother sauce” that is the starter for countless cream sauces— from a mornay to the binder for Spanish croquetas.

Making “croquetas
Sharing “croquetas

From Croquettes to Flamenco

For five days the guests of Chef Eric and Yetunde devoured the sights, sounds, and tastes of Seville. Both guided tours and time on our own gave me a glimpse of the Andalusian capital that took my breath away more times than I can count.

Flamenco lessons

Now I can add “Flamenco” to my list of accomplishments — like speaking French. Rebecca Lutz, an American ex-pat in Seville, made it so much fun to stomp our feet and swish our skirts around. was amazing. She’s also passionate about teaching and performing the energetic dance. Unlike Rebecca, I won’t be giving lessons or showing off my dance steps anytime soon.

A Night of Flamenco

After our dancing lesson with Rebecca, we spent the evening at a small neighborhood cafe to watch Flamenco up close and personal. Oh, what a night!

Around and About Seville

Seville blew me away. Everything about the city appealed to me — the architecture, the cityscape — which is low and spread out — the River that runs through the town, and the gorgeous people. It seemed everyone was smiling. Or was that because I was so happy to be there?

When I first visit a city, I take a hop-on, hop-off bus tour. Seville has two companies to choose from. I chose the first that showed up at the corner.

One ride around the bus route and I knew exactly where I wanted to spend my time exploring while in town — the Maria Luisa Park, Prado San Sebastián Gardens, Plaza de España, and Triana indoor market.

Plaza de España was my very favorite. Simply gorgeous!

Let’s Eat the World – Back to the Food

Since the purpose of the Seville adventure was to learn about and enjoy the foods of Andalusia, the experience didn’t disappoint,

We sampled from the tables of our hosts’ top hot spots

Best, we had our own personal chef to give us all the details.

My favorite meals were prepared in our own kitchen and served on the sky terrace.

For information on Let’s Eat the World’s Culinary Vacations in France & Spain, visit them here:

Congratulations and best wishes to Chef Eric and Yetunde for your imaginative, entertaining and educational new adventure presenting unique Cook’n with Class culinary experiences. Indeed! Let’s Eat The World!

Here’s a flashback to my first Cook’n with Class experience in Uzés Learn to Cook Mediterranean with a French Pro

Visit The Barefoot Blogger – France on YouTube for more views of Seville. Here’s a sample:

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    • I’m still enjoying just the thought of it all. Can’t wait to try some of the recipes. Loved our group, too. Couldn’t have been better!

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