Absolutely Southern France

“Absolutely Southern France” is a feature of the Barefoot Blogger designed especially for expats living in France; persons traveling to France; and for anyone who is just curious about “all things French”.

Absolutely Southern FranceNancy McGee, founder of Absolutely Southern France, is guest writer of the feature posts. Nancy shares her extensive knowledge of French lifestyle and entertaining to help us wind our way through the unique cuisine, the culture, and food etiquette of the region.

The Canadian-born expat, who has lived in the south of France for the past 30 years, gained her insight through corporate event management and public affairs positions with global companies such as Coca-Cola. Now running her own travel company, she is known for her gourmet tours that tell about the food and history of the region. Her tours include visits with market vendors, specialty shops, wine merchants and other “beyond-the-ordinary” food lover stops.

Note: Nancy was named “outstanding entrepreneur” this year for her region. She is president of a social network of expats in southern France. 

Here are just a few tips you’ll discover with Nancy:

Do you know a tielle from a zezette?

Imagine dining at a fine French restaurant. Your French host sets a beautifully arranged platter of cheeses in front of you.

You’re supposed to serve yourself first. With cheese knife in hand, what do you do next?

Bread on the plate or table?

Find out the answers to these questions, and more.


Nancy’s posts on Barefoot Blogger:

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Please send any comments, questions and requests for information you have for guest writers anytime. Enjoy!



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