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Original Art Keepsakes From France

One of the first artist friends I made after moving to Uzes is bringing his original art to Uzes this summer.

Andy Newman exposition Uzes France 7-2017

Andy Newman, an American with deep roots in France, had read my blog and emailed to tell me about himself, that he and his partner had a home near here, and that he had painted original art of many of the scenes I had photographed of Uzes. On his next visit to France we met and we’ve been keeping up with each other ever since. Now Andy’s bringing his art work to Uzes this summer. His exhibit is in August 5-18 at the art gallery next to the Tourist Office — for those of you who know Uzes.

Visitors to Andy’s exhibit will love the paintings of places we know around Uzes and this part of France. They’ll especially appreciate that many of the original art pieces are miniatures. You can pack them away in your suitcase for your travels home or elsewhere.  How good is that!

Here is a sample of the small paintings that will be available

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Original Art by an American Artist with French Roots

Andy spends most of each year in Concord, Massachusetts but his heart is in France where he spent his early school years. Andy’s father was in the US Foreign Service. That meant they moved often when he was a child — from London where he was born to Paris, to Rome, then back to London. After University at Trinity College, Oxford and fifteen years as a lawyer in Washington, DC, Andy found his life’s true meaning through art. In 1990 he had his first gallery show and since then he has exhibited his work in the US, France, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Canada and Macau. His inspiration comes from artists such as Edward Hopper, John Collier, Honoré Daumier and Mark Rothco.

Each summer Andy and his family call Cavillargues “home”. The house they bought in the small town near Bagnols was built as two barns in the 1790’s. It was converted into a house with a barn in the 1920’s. When they moved to Cavillargues in 2005, they took the whole place apart and put it back together again. The French community has welcomed Andy’s family with open arms and Andy’s work is displayed in the Mairie and in Bagnols. An exhibition in Cavillargues is scheduled after the Uzes showing in August.  

An earlier post about Andy is  Amazing Proof That “Art Imitates Life In France” 

For more information about the August exhibition in Uzes click here. Contact Andy for more information about his paintings and pricing at You can find his work on his website











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  1. Deborah a great blog and really brings Andy alive and show off his talents. Everyone should want to go and see his works and meet him.

  2. Hi Deborah Great idea! We did exactly that! With all the airline restrictions on baggage weight, art is a great souvenir that does not usually weigh much. It is really a shame that the airlines restrict international commerce by default. We bring spices from different countries back as gifts also for the same reason. I just read an article on how in order to promote the wines of Idaho, Alaska airlines is offering free shipping on 1 case of wine to anyone who departs from Boise. Are you listening Montpellier? Happy Bastille Day to all !

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