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7 Days in Dordogne: The Finale

After six days in Dordogne with my Colorado friend, it was time for the grand finale. We threw caution to the wind and took our first hot air balloon ride over the Loire Valley, visiting the Chateau at Chenonceau no less.

The tour of the Château at Chenonceau is not exactly what you’d expect from a tour of the Dordogne region of France. It’s in the Loire Valley. We drove a long way to get there, but it was worth it in every way — and from every angle.

Visiting the Château at Chenonceau

First, a boat ride on the River Cher.

A summer event that everyone looks forward to attending is Uzès Fete Votive

Riverboat launch at Chenonceaux

Visiting Chenonceau

River view of the Chateau at Chenonceau

Visiting Chenonceau

Visiting Chenonceau

Visiting Chenonceau

Visiting Chenonceau

…and if that wasn’t enough…

Balloon over Château Chenonceau

Visiting Chenonceau

Balloon ride over the Château at Chenonceau and the Loire Valley

Visiting Chenonceau


Visiting Chenonceau

Visiting Chenonceau

Visiting Chenonceau

Visiting Chenonceau

Visiting Chenonceau

Visiting Chenonceau

Balloon over Chateau at Chenonceau and the Loire Valley

My first balloon ride!!!

balloon over Château Chenonceau

A toast to Julie and to me for a fun and memorable reunion! Here’s to friends! 

May they be with us for a reason, a season … for a lifetime!

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  1. We were at Chenonceau a few weeks ago but sure didn’t get to see it from a hot air balloon! We did see the balloons after dinner in the countryside and we saw the spotted ladybug one that you photographed. I have a picture of it, too!

    • Yes, we were there with the ladybug balloon, too. I have some great photos. I’ll share those sometime. Loved the ride!

  2. Oh, how lovely! I envy you- I have longed for years to take a balloon ride in Provence. But now I think that it would even better in the Loire valley. We have visited Chenonceau and the other famous chateaux but to see them from above would be splendid. Thanks for all the fabulous photos of your trip.

    • We were concerned about the weather because it was cloudy all morning. By the time of our ride, it was perfect. Everyone should do it once in a lifetime. Loire was a good choice by Julie.

  3. Thank you for a fabulous tour of the Dordogne. We are coming to Cotignac in Provence for the 3rd time in February. Can hardly wait.

    • Thank you, Elaine. I’d forgotten how fun it was to write everyday. I’m off to more of the Loire Valley in October. I’ll do it again. Meanwhile I hope to research some of the places I’ve been and people I’ve met, so please stay tuned!

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