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Behind Village Walls in Uzes

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If you think living in a village like Uzes is all art, food and dance, there are a few surprises.

My friend, Geoffrey, has turned part of his garden into a barnyard. It all started slowly, he said, while I was away visiting in the States.

First there were the chickens…

Barn yard in Uzes


… then ducks

Barn yard in Uzes

Barn yard in Uzes


Two grey rabbits …


Barn Yard in Uzes



Barn Yard in Uzes


… and then there were more.


IMG_2713 IMG_2714 Barn Yard in Uzes


Barn Yard in Uzes

IMG_2732 IMG_2733


I have his word that these precious creatures are “pets”. They will not be invited for a meal. 

… or else …

“Hey… you mess’n’ with me?”








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