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Le Pistou Cooking School Uzès.

Who Knew Cooking Could Be So Much Fun? Le Pistou School Uzès

When you go to a friend’s house and there’s great food and wine flowing and lots of people you enjoy sitting around, it’s pretty special, don’t you agree?

What if you learn how to create the foods you are served? A hands-on cooking class? That’s the perfect way to describe a “Provençal Small Dish” class at Le Pistou School Uzès.

Learn to Cook Provençal

From tarts with roquefort cheese and walnuts to tarts with abricots and everything in between, learning to cook with Petra Carter of Le Pistou Cooking School Uzès is not just an education, it’s a ton of fun.


Just start with the freshest ingredients.

The south of France is known for fresh local ingredients and healthy foods. When you know how to prepare vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant Provençal-style, for example, you’ll be changed for life. A “Mediterranean” diet is addictive… and good for you.

And let the good times roll!

Everyone gets into the action when you spend the day with Petra.

Make your own cheese? Yes! You can!

How would you like to serve a cheese board to your friends and family and say: “I made that!” It’s easier than you think with the recipes and tips that Petra shares with the class.


Learn to Cook Provençal

So when you’re visiting in Uzès, make a date with Pistou Cooking School. It’ll be a day you’ll remember as one of the best.


Visit the website for more information.


Le Pistou Cooking School Uzes, France

Get Out of the Heat and Learn to Cook Provençal 

Le Pistou Cooking School Uzes, FranceIf you’re headed for Uzes and you want to learn to cook Provençal dishes you can easily prepare back home,  meet Petra Carter. She’s the brains and bubbly personality behind Le Pistou Cooking School.

Petra and I have become great friends since meeting last year at her cooking school. Most people who meet the vivacious Dutch/Irish lady feel the same. Which may add to the fact that a class day at Le Pistou Cooking School is so much fun.

Petra’s interpretation of traditional foods from PROVENCE and nearby regions is focused on market-fresh foods, ease of preparation and beautiful presentation.

Her dishes can be served as a main course, starter or apero.

Once you are introduced to an interesting new food, like stuffed and tempura-fried courgette flowers (zucchini), you’ll realize you just read about it on the pages of a gourmet magazine.

You’ll learn knife skills as well as how to choose the best ingredients and cooking methods.

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Mediterranean diet? The way Petra dishes it up, a “diet” never looked or tasted so good. Each food, each flavor and each recipe is fresh, healthy and impeccably prepared and presented.

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Le Pistou Cooking School Uzes, France

Le Pistou Cooking School Uzes, France

Says Petra: “I hope you’ll MAKE THESE DISHES YOUR OWN by adapting them to your own personal taste” she says.  “After all, that’s what CREATIVE COOKING is about.”

For more information on Le Pistou Cooking School  check out Petra’s website. Classes are given on demand and by reservation and they are limited to 8 people.

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