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visit the south of France

South of France Memories: Four Reasons to Sign Up Now

How many times have you said to yourself: “Someday I’m going to visit the south of France.” If you’ve always wanted to visit the south of France, why are you putting it off?¬† “I’m afraid to travel solo.” “I don’t know where to go.” “I’m too busy.”¬† I […]

van gogh's trail

On Van Gogh’s Trail

Now that I’ve seen the movie “Loving Van Gogh” — in French no less, with no subtitles — I’m remembering my first visit to¬†Saint-R√©my-de-Provence I started my quest for Van Gogh’s trail in¬†Saint-R√©my-de-Provence¬†early on a beautiful, sunny morning. Temperatures were in the high 70’s and a light wind […]

Mediterranean Cruise Shore Excursions: The Riviera

I’ve been asking Nancy McGee of Absolutely Southern France Tours to tell me all about her Mediterranean cruise shore excursions. There are several of you who have contacted the Barefoot Blogger for information. Read on and learn about going ashore along the French Riviera. Even if you’re an […]

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