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Eiffel Tower in 8318 Steps

Day two of My Paris Dream was a walking day… to the Eiffel Tower in 8318 steps. Not only did I finish my exercise goal for the day, but I also arrived at one of Paris’ most iconic sites.


Unlike the day before, the sun was shining, and the temperature was tolerable— Fannie and I left the hotel in the late morning.

Petite déjeuner at Le Frégate

By the time we arrived along the right bank of the Seine, I had shed my puffy undervest, scarf, and hat. The Eddie Bauer raincoat that I’ve had for at least 30 years was enough, considering we were in the sun.


Promises made…

Before I left the States, I promised my 5-year old granddaughter I’d call her from the Eiffel Tower. She wanted to be there with me.

Little did I know that the promise would become a fun photo experience. I stopped, photographed my view, and sent it to my daughter-in-law in Messages to share with Emily and Andrew in real-time.

Eiffel Tower in 8318 Steps …and more

When I’d walked totally around the Eiffel Tower, it was after 3 pm. Fannie and I were famished. According to “Maps” on my iPhone, I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t stop at Le Beaujolais for lunch.

A great choice!

A taxi to the hotel was a welcomed pleasure, as well as the nap that followed. Later, all I needed was a quaint cafe, a dessert, wine … and a few more steps (11078 to be exact) … to call it a day.


Is that a smile? Oui!


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    • You are so kind! I probably should have edited some of the photos, but anxious to post. Isn’t Paris magnificent?

  1. Thanks for taking us along, Deb … and for the phone calls! Keep on keeping on! Profiter de cheque minute! Bisous

  2. I love Cafe Beaujolais! I have eaten there a couple of times. To this day, I do not know how they have managed to put so much butter into their mashed potatoes. I’m looking forward to my next trip for a return meal.

  3. I just loved your post and all the beautiful pictures of your walk and my heart absolutely yearns for Paris…..oh how I love that city and just walking aimlessly around and discovering all the wonderful little neighbourhoods. I cant wait to get back there again. Since the pandemic began I have not been able to get there for my usual few months that I spend between Paris and Antibes. I look forward to following and living vicariously through your posts and learning all the ins and outs of living in France….especially all about your driving license. All the very best for 22.

    • Thank you so much. There are certainly ups and downs about living here. But isn’t that true anywhere? I’m loving Paris and already dreaming about my next trip. Hope you get here soon!

  4. Paris just never disappoints, does it, Deborah? We were there yesterday, staying with our daughter up in the 17th (the charming Batignolles district – one for you to discover another time?), en route back to London from Uzès! We’ll be in Uzès again the first week in March and I hope very much we can catch up with you then? Until then, enjoy life in the Uzège for me!

    • Please do contact me in Uzès. I’d love to see you. I haven’t spent time in the 17th so you’ll have to tell me about it. I’m now on a quest to understand what’s where in Paris. This has been a good start. Thanks for following!

  5. Wonderful photos – especially of the tour Eiffel. Looks like you and Fannie are having a wonderful time exploring. I’d love to be there with my Cairn terrier, Lulu.

  6. Great photos. Lucky doggy
    Seems like a dream to see Parisians strolling the Eiffel Tower like its nothing unusual. I guess no different than me in NY near the Statue of Liberty 🗽 or Empire State Bldg
    Enjoy every footstep

    • Somehow your note was lost in cyberspace. Thank you! I’m back in Uzes now … with Covid. So remembering this well!

    • What a nice compliment. You inspired me all day. Thanks for following and for taking time to comment.

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