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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Flooding in Uzès

The last few days have not been a lot of fun. Torrential rain has caused flooding in Uzès and many nearby towns and villages have been hard hit.

Right now, Uzes is under an orange alert.

MapFortunately the city of Uzes is on a hill, so even though we are close to the epicenter of a major storm, we have not been affected as much as others by the floods.

This is the fourth big storm in the region since mid September, bringing more than two feet of rain. Montpelier had major damage from the first deluge.

The flooding is blamed on a stagnant weather pattern over Scotland, Ireland and the eastern Atlantic Ocean. It has caused more-than-normal amounts of moisture to flow into France.

Photos from some of the areas affected by this storm are pretty dramatic. Here are a few that I picked up from news sources and friends. 

My apartment

For me, the only damage in my apartment has been a bit of water — apparently from the windows in the guest room. The water must have seeped from under the windows into the electrical outlets. It caused a breaker switch to flip off — fortunately. Some overhead lights and a few other plugs in the apartment were affected, including where the refrigerator and internet are connected.  As you can see I “jerry-rigged” the refrigerator and internet with extension cords that connect to functioning outlets.Flooding in uzès


Electricians among you must be freaking out.

The problem has solved itself now. The electricity is back on, including the hot water tank!

Another storm is expected tomorrow that may be the worse yet.IMG_3532

The night of the biggest downpour I went out to the terrace several times to sweep away debris from a drain that empties water down the side of the building to the street below.

Today in the sunshine I cleaned the floor of the terrace with a scrub brush and swept away as much trash as I could find. If the water accumulate again, it might creep under the sliding glass door of the guest room.

I’m certain the terrace hasn’t been this clean in years.

The Duché

One thing I noticed while cleaning the terrace is the flagpole at the Duche.  The flag that flies on top of his tower indicates if the Duke is in town.

Apparently the Duke’s not at home.  I guess he’s left for higher ground …. perhaps to his apartment in Paris.


IMG_3534 The Palace of the Duchéwith no flag.


Saturday Market

Another coincidence of the stormy weather is that Saturday Market was nearly empty of vendors and shoppers. Where the streets and cafes are generally mobbed, this day was a different story.


Saturday Market in Uzes after the October flood Saturday Market in Uzes after the October flood


Saturday Market cafes were open but few customers after the October flood Saturday Market cafes were open but few customers after the October flood



A few shoppers wandered around the usually busy Saturday Market in Uzes A few shoppers wandered around the usually busy Saturday Market in Uzes


Amazing photos

If anything good could be said about the stormy weather, the skies have been putting on a quite a show.

This photo was
This photo was “borrowed” from a local news source and shows one of the powerful lightning strikes during the storm.


A view of the street without Saturday Market crowds and vendors. A view of the street from my terrace showing  the street on  that is generally packed with shoppers and vendors





The view from my living room window just prior to the first rain event The view from my living room window just prior to the first rain event


If you note in the last photo, there are swarms of birds flying near the 11th century Tour Fenestrelle (“Window Tower”). It may be only me that thinks this, but the birds always seem to know when there’s a big change in the weather. Today they are unusually silent.

Perhaps the birds are resting up for what is ahead….. stay tuned.




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  1. Just found your blog. Loving it. We have been visiting Uzes for the past 15 years – brother lends us his house just outside. the town – and think it’s paradise (maybe not the standoffish locals).
    Gonna be reading you avidly from now on

    • Paul, thank you so much for your comment. Isn’t Uzes the best?! It’s the best kept secret in France, I think. Let me know when you’re in town next time to meet.

  2. Hi, I’m Belgian but I have a vacation house in Blauzac, near Uzes. I was warned by friends about the damage in our garden. They send also some pics, and there were some images on Belgian television but hungry for more information I found your blog. Thank you for the pics and text. They show so much more of what went on there these last few days. Lucky for us there is just a fence and some ground flooded away, my thoughts go to all the people who are not that lucky and are suffering from bad times right now. I will check your blog now and then so it brings me closer to my home there. Thank you for the blog.

    • I am so glad the post helped with your concerns. I don’t know how Blauzac faired, but I’m guessing it did better than most. It’s also up on a hill. Hope you enjoy following the blog for lots of information around this part of France.

  3. What you describe here is not uncommon for continental Europe or even the UK, particularly at this time of the year. You’re right. It isn’t much fun, but you have still got some great pictures.

    Is this your first encounter with this kind of European weather, since moving to Uzes..?

    • Last year about this time there were torrential rains, but no flooding, that lasted several days. Nothing like this, though. Not fun, but could be worse. Hopefully today won’t be!

  4. Debby, The “pompiers” arrived today at our friends’ house as well as the insurance people and several friends. Things are looking better now. You were sweet to offer your help! I hope we can get together before we (and you) leave! Depends on the weather and getting to and from Uzès I think. xxRainey

    • Thanks for the note, Rainey. I’m so sorry about your friends’ home. I do hope we’ll see each other before next year! If not, have a good visit home and let’s keep in touch.

  5. Glad your damage from the rain ☔️ was minimal. The Lightning strike ⚡️ in the picture looks like angel wings. 👼

  6. One of the things I have learned from living in the country is…when a big storm is expected, fill the tub with water because chances are the power will go off. Since I am on a well, no power, no water. So happy to hear light damage and minor inconvenience – hope the next one is not as damaging. The colors are beautiful!

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