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Going To Live in France!

Remember when I started this blog? I said the uncharted part of the adventure may be the best. Well, guess what? It may be no surprise to you. I’m going to live in France!

After leaving Sete, I returned to Uzès instead of completing my journey. I needed to find out if I wanted to live in France. Or was it just a fantasy? I would explore my various resources for finding apartments, for example. My friends offered me a place to stay in their home until I could sort out my arrangements.

As fate would have it, everything began to fall into place. The rental agency notified me that they had an apartment that would be ideal for me. Ideal? It’s magnificent! It’s in the center of the historic Uzès, Place du Duché district.

Place du Duché in Uzes, France

Now I’m back in South Carolina, planning to move to France! There’s much more I have to write about my six-week adventure — like visiting Pezenas, more jewelry artists, and all the fascinating people I met along the way. Now, I have some plans to make. Imagine! A lone female moving from the US to France.

Stay tuned!

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  1. You go girl. Remember, I might call upon you to help with my clients to your neck of the French woods!

  2. Wow!!! That’s incredible!!!! Good luck with the move – cant wait to see where this adventure takes you!!

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