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“The Golden Girls” in France and Italy: Day 1-4 Uzes, France

So it begins…

Following the adventures of the Golden Girls on the whirlwind tour of France and Italy will be a challenge. We are 3 crazy, fearless women with more energy and curiosity than we should at this age.

4 Days in Uzès

Day 1-4

Four days in Uzès sounded like a good plan, but after missing the flight to Marseilles from Paris due to an airline strike, my two guests from the Carolinas arrived in Uzès a day late and dead tired. Showing them the 55 steps to climb to my apartment in the tower was not the best way to welcome them, but the excitement gave them the adrenaline they needed to get to the top.



The guest room was ready and waiting, along with the view — the home of the Duke of Uzes.



After a night’s rest, they were ready to take in the sights and meet some locals in my new “hometown,” Uzes.


The shops along the plazas

Le Provncal

Hen Party

Hen party at Le Provençal

Meeting Nicholas and the roaming musicians.



And, of course, Geoffrey, who helps chart our course with cool things to do along the way.


Saturday Market
No visit to Uzes is complete without a visit to the Saturday Market. If you’re planning to come this way, be sure to plan to be here on Saturday. It’s the reason I fell in love with this place. It’s still one of my favorite ways to spend a day.




A Golden Girl’s View of Uzes
One of the best parts of entertaining friends new to Uzes is their reaction to the surroundings. The photos below are borrowed from each of my friends.








Hints for Visiting Uzes

When to visit
The best time of year to visit Uzes is spring and fall. The weather is hot in the summer, especially from July through August. Also, there are crowds of tourists.

If planning a trip, try to arrange to be in Uzes for the Saturday Market. If that’s not possible, Wednesday Market is a “farmers market” only, but festive and colorful. The town pretty much shuts down on Mondays.

How to get to Uzes
There are several ways to get to Uzès by air and train. If you are arriving from the US, fly into Paris, London, or Barcelona. Check on the best fares.

I suggest you board a train from eaccityes to Nimes or Avignon, France. There are flights to Marseilles, Nimes, and Avignon, but airline strikes often interrupt schedules. If not a strike, the “add-on” luggage charges can be extravagant (i.e., Ryan Air).

When you arrive in Nimes or Avignon, there is a bus service to Uzes with regional buses that depart on a regular, reliable schedule. The bus station in Uzes is in the middle of town, close to most destinations in the historic district.

Stay tuned. 


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  1. You’re making us so homesick! We are so looking forward to being over there in October and finally meeting you! We feel like we know you already, though, because of your blog! Have a great time with your Carolina friends!

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