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Hot Air Balloon Adventures in France

Everytime I make a visit to the US to see family, it’s always the same. My grandson insists on watching videos of his grandmother’s hot air balloon ride.

I’ll admit, when I think about the day I took my first hot air balloon ride, I get as excited as a 4-year old, too.

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon

The idea for a hot air balloon ride was not mine. Good friend Julie, who I traveled with a few years ago through the Dordogne, was the brainchild. She’s one of those travelers who does a lot of research. Somewhere she learned there was a company that offered balloon rides near where we were headed. Between the Dordogne and Paris. All she had to do was mention it and I was sold.

Never did I imagine it could be quite so much fun.

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying high in a hot air balloon, come along for the ride!

To read more about the day of hot air ballooning over the Loire Valley, click here.

Hot Air Balloon

If you like hot air ballooning as a spectator sport, several times a year there are hot air balloon events near Uzès. Like this one at the Vallée de l’Eure.

Have you taken a balloon ride in France? Please tell me all about it!

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Would I do it again? You betcha!


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  1. Taking a hot air balloon ride over the castle dotted countryside of the Dordogne was one of the HIGHLIGHTS of our travel adventures! We thought it would be a “one off” but we’re considering another ride, perhaps in the Loire Valley!

  2. this is my next project. 10 years ago I took the balloon ride in uzes which was wonderful. Now I want to celebrate a birthday by taking the balloon ride over Chenonceaux. we must get together sometime to talk about details.À bientôt barbara jacquin.

    • I’d love to do another balloon ride. Glad yours was over beautiful Uzes. Must have been exciting. Yes, I’ll be glad to share any info. Be sure to do the land and water tours of Chenonceaux, too. They made it even more thrilling. Thanks for the note, Barbara. Back in Uzes soon.

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