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Grand Re-Opening in Uzès

After months of lockdown, we’re ready to open again! Tomorrow is the grand re-opening in Uzès of shops and cafes with outside dining.

Ready… Set … Let’s Go!

There’s lots of activity in Uzès this week with business owners tidying up their spaces after a long, long time of closed doors. Friends are grabbing reservations to dine together … and be served. 

Lockdown in Uzès seems to have gone on forever. Everyone agrees we’ve missed our meals together. Sitting down for a cup of coffee with friends in the Place aux Herbes has been off-limits. 

In the next weeks, all the town’s restaurants will be open — with seating restrictions. We’re getting there.


grand re-opening in Uzès

Comptoir Agricole


Seeing these favorite places filled with happy customers will be a welcomed sight. (For reservations, click on the link under photos)

Grand Re-Opening in Uzès 

Back to the Future

Soon we’ll be back to this! Enjoy it all, Uzés. 

Some of my favorites!

Comptoir Agricole

Comptoir du 7

Le Cafe Ernest

Les Filles des Vignes.

 Le Vieux cafe d’ANIATHAZZE

Ma Cantine


Oh La Vache



Trattoria Bettina Et Bettino


Villa Curti




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  1. I’m very curious about how Covid infections and vaccination rates are in Southern France right now. As an American who had planned to vacation there last summer and am anxious to go ASAP I’m pleased to hear things are opening up, but is it safe? And, yes, I’m vaccinated.

    • Obviously, I don’t feel in a position to talk about COVID safety. However, I can say that food and beverage service is open on terraces. Full-service restaurants will open mid month. The markets are packed but many people are still wearing masks. All of my friends are vaccinated, but we all go by the recommendations.

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