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La Grande-Motte: A Thoroughly Modern French Holiday

The beach resort, La Grande-Motte, is just an hour from Uzes, near Montpelier. At first glance, it’s like seeing a piece of contemporary furniture among French antiques.

A Visit to La Grande-Motte

By all descriptions, La Grande-Motte is a modern, planned vacation home community. I wasn’t expecting to see such a place in this part of France. Perhaps around Nice. But not so close to Montpelier, a city that is so splendid and classically elegant.   Nevertheless, the manicured walkways, golf courses, and harbor at the holiday site are very appealing.

Le Grande-Motte

La Grande-Motte


A sailing regatta was underway the day I was visiting. Many of the famous boaters of France were participating.

Sailing regatta at La Grande-Motte

Sailing regatta at La Grande-Motte


A walk around the property leads to the promenade with shops and restaurants.

Promenade at La Grande-Motte

Promenade at La Grande-Motte


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2013-09-14 15.46.38

Dejeuner offers a wide selection of local fare.

2013-09-12 12.40.22

La Grande-Motte, which boasts seven miles of sandy beach, offers a wide choice of accommodations. In season, I understand the resort is filled to near-capacity.

Accommodations and parking at La Grande-Motte

Accommodations and parking at La Grande-Motte


I mean, who can resist a walk or bike ride along this beautiful shoreline?

2013-09-14 17.10.10


Biking at La Grande-Motte

Biking at La Grande-Motte


One of the best features to  me is the proximity to one of my favorite places — the Camargue. Catamaran tours and 4×4 “safaris” into the marshlands of the Camargue are once-in-a-lifetime adventures that make La Grande-Motte a stop on my tour list.


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  1. Deborah we will put this on our list of visits when we return. It is truly a wonderful resort town and sure to make you want to exercise and then eat a wonderful meal with great views and lots of wine!!!

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