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For the Love of Lavender 

Had the Barefoot Blogger had known how fabulous lavender fields are in person, I would have been visiting them much before now.lavender fields


Thank goodness I found out how to get to some of the best fields.


lavender fields

Lavender in Provence


There’s more than one way to keep lavender year-round. It’s more lasting than sachets and bouquets.




Last week I discovered lavender salt!


lavender fields

Lavender salt


There’s a tiny village just outside Uzes that sells all types of local specialties, including olive oil that’s milled on site. The store and the moulin à huile are inside a garage attached to the proprietor’s home.





The most surprising discovery was  the building attached to the opposite side of her house — the remains of a church from the 11th century!



This is part of the joy of living in this part of the world. A tiny, out-of-the-way place can be an amazing find. Ancient buildings are still standing, alongside some of the most unique local items for sale.



So far, I’ve tried the lavender salt. It’s a winner. The rest is yet to be enjoyed!

lavender fields

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  1. Deborah a great story and the fields are wonderful. You forgot to name the village where you went and found olive oil and all sorts of local products.

  2. Ohhh, I hope I’m there for the olive harvest…my kind of shop! In one of Peter Mayle’s books, he talks about visiting the L’Occitane factory; I think it is in the Rhone Alps and sounded like a delightful thing to do.

    • Peter Mayer has really influenced the tourist trade in Provence. It’s so crowded during the lavender season. But worth the trip! Can’t wait til you’re here!

  3. Looks like you are having fun and learning lots about the terrior. We are in Saint Malo and off to Honfleur tomorrow.

  4. I adore the perfume of lavender & to me it is symbolic of the south of France. I don’t know if you’ve heard of a company called ‘l’Occitane’ but I always buy their lavender hand-wash here in the UK, so I’m transported back to the south of France every time I wash my hands!
    My latest post, in my blog, is about kissing as a greeting, in France. I’d love to know your thoughts on this!

    • Good question about kissing as a greeting, June. I’ll check out your blog. Yes, l’Occitane is sold in the states. There’s a shop here in Uzes, too. Thanks for the note and “likes.” Really appreciated!

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