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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful welcome to the kids for the first trick or treat of uzes! What a perfect first stop for them. Your home is beautiful

    • Halloween is my favorite holiday! I’m so happy I was invited to share it with you and the kids. So cute!

  2. Hi there!
    Did not realize I won’t get a chance to say goodbye so here it is! Just wanted to say how lovely it was to have u at the hotel and wish all the best.
    Plus here is some hotels that u might want to visit in your next stay in Paris ( more fun to discover new places and neighborhood if u ask and I get the feeling that u r up for the task!)
    – hotel atala ( lovely 4* near the Champs Elysées, they have almost finished all the new rooms and there is no hotel like that one).
    – hotel henriette ( 3* very fashion between modern and old school, small but very cosy and extremely friendly).
    Wish u well

  3. Hello again, Its Cynthia from Newport, RI. Am moving to Uzes this xmas, but will be there for a month this Sept. to Oct. Can you please tell me how to get tickets to the bullfights in Nimes for the 18th for three people? If you love them, please help me, we love them too! The site makes no sense to me. Thanks

  4. Hi, Deborah,

    We just moved to Saint-Siffret last week from Geneva, and were thrilled to discover your blog this morning. My husband Rick is from Shelby/Charlotte NC and we still have a place in Blowing Rock, so I feel compelled to reach out. I have to admit I have not been back to the US for over a year, though. My heart -and taste buds- are here now.

    I hope we’ll have a chance to meet.

    Bonne continuation !

    Beth P.

  5. Hi, Deborah,

    We just moved to Saint-Siffret last week from Geneva, and were thrilled to discover your blog this morning. My husband is from Shelby/Charlotte NC and we still have a place in Blowing Rock, so I feel compelled to reach out. I have to admit I have not been back to the US for over a year, though. My heart -and taste buds- are here now.

    Bonne continuation !

  6. Hi Deborah,
    You are certainly living my dream. I am thinking of going to a French language school and have been reading about Uzes for many years. I was set to visit a few years ago but it somehow did not happen. I would like to stop there on my way to Paris from the learning experience and spend about 1 week in the town. It would be in April. I will be traveling solo.I have a few questions and thought you could answer:
    1) Do you have a suggestion about either staying in a hotel or an apt in Uzes for about 1 week?
    2) How do I get from the TGV train in Avignon to Uzes by bus?
    3) How is the weather in April?
    Thanks for you help and I enjoy your blog whenever it comes through.

    • So happy to hear from you, Cara. I’m so glad you’re going to make your way to Uzes. Unfortunately, I will not be here in April, but it’s a lovely time to visit Uzes. In fact, it’s when I came here the first time … and you know how that turned out! When I made my first long visit here, I rented an AirbnB flat for 3 weeks. It was in the centre of town, near the Duche, so I’d recommend looking for something in that area. There are lots of places now online. The bus stop in Uzes is only 4-5 blocks away from the centre and it’s easy to get a direct bus from Avignon. The weather was beautiful when I was here in April. It’s much like the south eastern states in the US in the spring. Please let me know if you have any other questions, concerns. I’ll be happy to help you in any way! Glad you are enjoying the blog!

      • Deborah,
        Thank you for your information and sorry that you will be out of town in April. I am sure I will have more questions as I get closer to the trip. I am hoping that this trip really does come to pass.
        I love reading about your adventures in France, so keep them coming.

        • Cara, please don’t hesitate to ask away. Not sure I’ll have answers, but I’ll try. So glad you enjoy the blog. It’s fun to spread the joy around! Look forward to hearing more about your plans.

  7. Hi Deborah

    I am new to your blog but thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. I have dreamed of doing exactly what you did (relocating to Europe). Also – I don’t speak much French – but am currently learning Spanish. I am within a few years of retirement age but will continue working simply because I can’t afford to retire in the US (unless I move somewhere more affordable) . I LOVE France but have recently found that Spain is a close second. Have been thinking of relocating to Europe & living 3 months there & 9 months in the US – not sure of the specifics – may want to extend time in Europe to 6 months – but I know there are lots of stumbling blocks. What is the cost of living like where you are – can a retiree live on say $3000/mo there or elsewhere in France? Do you work to supplement your income? If I could figure out how to work in Europe – teaching English or doing something related to tourism I’d love it – but I think most companies want someone who is younger.


    • Niefia, thanks for the note. I’m glad to answer any questions I can if I can encourage you to follow your dream of living abroad. If you are thinking of living in France, Spain or anywhere else in Europe, you should visit the place as soon as you can and check out the cost of living. I was happy to find that renting in Uzes is affordable. I would never have imagined it would be so. We have so many misconceptions that can keep us from making a change in our lives! The cost of food and other of life’s necessities is about the same as in the States. Depending on where you go, you probably won’t need a car; however, I bought a used car because I want to travel a lot while I’m here. Trains and buses are much better than anywhere I’ve lived before so I probably could have gotten along fine without a car. About living outside the US 6 months or so… for an American to stay in France more than 90 days in a row you need a long stay visa. The internet site for the French Consulate close to where you live will give you all the details. Also, it’s very difficult to earn money in France. In fact, I had to sign an affidavit saying I won’t work. That’s not to say you can’t work, it’s just that there are totally different requirements for visas, etc. The most affordable thing I did to make the move was to greatly reduce my costs stateside. When/if I return to the states, I’ll have to literally start all over again. Most stuff will be sold or left in France. But I won’t think about that now! Again, I encourage you to visit the place you want to live in Europe and stay for as long as you can. Check out some of my early blogs about renting through AIRBNB, etc. Please let me know if there’s anything else you need to know. I’ll try my best to help…

  8. Deborah,
    How much of the year are you spending in France? I thought the Schengen limited our time to 90 days out of 180. Have you found a way around this wrinkle? Thanks,

    • I spend 6-8 months in France each year so far. I’m hoping that it works out closer to 8 months since I think of my little apartment in Uzes as “home.” To stay more than 90 days each visit, you must get a long stay visa. Here’s a link below to the post that talks about getting one for the first time.
      After you have the first year’s visa, you must renew it. I’m in the process right now. It’s “in the mail.” If you need more information about getting a long-stay visa, go to the website for your state’s French Consulate. You have to visit there personally. It’ll take awhile, so don’t wait until the last minute like I did! Let me know if you need to know more… I’ll try to help with information.

  9. Hi, how adventurous of you, good luck. Can you tell me your age group ? or what is the oldest tripper like you that you have met up with. Would love to do what you have, but perhaps I’m too old.
    Love your blog.

    • I’m almost 70! You’re never too old to do what you’ve dreamed. It may not be as easy as when we were younger, but it’s so much fun trying!

    • Hope you received my earlier reply. I’m late 60’s and retired. This is the best decision I’ve made in a long time! I think it’s especially good for “old trippers” to take on a new adventure. It certainly helps sharpen your senses! Take one step at a time. Perhaps a long holiday to start. Check things out in the area you’re interested in moving to, especially rentals. I’m not sure I would ever want to buy property abroad. Rentals are the answer and usually available. Don’t wait until everything in your life is organized for this, because it probably will never happen. Send me a note and I’ll send you one back for encouragement!

  10. Dear Ms. BB:
    Just wanted you to now the word is out in trilogy of your blog.
    Sorry I wasnt able to stay for the bulls. Pictures make me know where the crowds are.
    Love ya

  11. Hi Debby,
    Would love to hear any input you may have about affordable places to stay in Uzes for a month or so during the Fall (starting in 2015/2016). I’m an artist living in Pacific Heights in San Francisco and would be interested in swapping apartments with a Uzes artist. I’ve lived in Aix-en-Provence and the Loire and really enjoy the lifestyle. Thanks, Lauren

  12. Hi Debby: I was just speaking to Lynn Duggan, an old friend of mine, and she mentioned you were living in Uzes. I’ll be in Avignon from September 3 to 13 staying in an apartment rented through AirBnb. I’ve rented a car to get around. I wondered if you would like to meet for lunch one day either in Uzes or in Avignon. Or actually anywhere in that area. I’m traveling solo and always like to connect with people. Lynn recommended your blog and I’d love to hear your story and find out more about your adventure. I look forward to hearing from you. Kathy

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