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How to Reinvent Yourself After a Divorce – Part 1

A blogger friend contacted me for an interview for her delightful blog that “Celebrates the Stylish Side of 60!” — The French Touch. I told her she must have the wrong person:“Who, me? I’m 60?” Nevertheless, I was happy to participate and to talk about my road to France. Here’s where the two-part post begins.

How to Reinvent Yourself After a Divorce – Part 1

She was a successful career woman, wife and mother suddenly faced with the disintegration of her four-decade marriage. So, what did she do?



Well, she picked herself up, dusted herself off and moved from the American South to the south of France and into an apartment 55 steps up in the tower of a 12th Century building.

Let me introduce you to one very gutsy gal who threw caution to the winds and set sail for the most exciting adventure of her life. Yes, Virginia, there is life after divorce, and it can be amazing.

Click here to link to The French Touch to find out more! 


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  1. Deborah,
    I still think that it takes lots of courage to make such a radical change in a life.
    I have been to the south of France many times and I think I understand your love of the country.
    For now, because of the health situation, I am just hoping that I will be able to return, next spring !
    Have a great summer with all that France has to offer !
    Is it possible to know when the second part of the interview will be ready ?
    Thank you,

  2. hi deborah. great blog. i will be going to nice with my wife in sept. perhaps fortune will smile upon us and we will all have a drink in Uzès one of these days. i read with interest how you coped with the sort of changes that must have been very very trying at first. cheers

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