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Life in Uzès: Traveling with a Pet

After seven years of living in France, I’ve found a suitable companion. Now I’m learning about life in Uzès traveling with a pet. 

Meet Fanny.

Life in Uzès Traveling with Pets

Fanny came into my life six weeks ago. Now, we’re inseparable.

My friend Aileen brought Fanny from Sete. Aileen knows how much I covet her little Yorkie, Karma, and she’s been on the lookout for a “Karma” for me. Voila! One day I get a call from Aileen. She’s on the way to Uzès with Fanny, a mini Karma. 

What’s in a name?

Before my British friends get too carried away with her name, which somehow is a naughty word, I’m open for “sounds like” words: Franny, Annie, or, the like will do.



Life in Uzés Traveling with a Pet

Fanny is 11 years old, and she’s been treated kindly, so she’s easy to train. She’s helping me with French because  French words are the commands she understands. 

My beloved dogs of the past can never be replaced in my heart. Yet Fanny has come along for me at the best possible time.

Lots of dog friends are waiting to meet Fanny.

Life in Uzés Traveling with a Pet

The little princess is settling right into life in Uzés.

Yes, my friends are making Fanny feel welcomed.

 Soon Fanny will be a transcontinental gal.

We’re off to the US in June, where she’ll meet the family. On the way, she’s traveling in style. Fortunately, she weighs only 2.5 kilos. The nifty pet carrier weighs about the same. I should be able to manage that!

Life always has its twists and turns. Fanny will add a new dimension to my travels and adventures. 

Stay tuned…

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  1. How about “Fancy”, thinking of the South! Please more info On traveling in France with a dog!! We hope to be there next Spring or summer and bring our 10 pound cavapoochon!

      • Sounds like you’ve made a wonderful life for yourself in France, Debbie! I met you just before you left SC, I believe. Lanny has told me some about your travels
        from his following you.
        My nephew is being married August 1 in Cavaillion! I think that’s near to you. It might be fun to meet up, if you’re back in Uzes. I’ll be in the area from July 29 til August 3rd I think. Still finalizing plans!
        Hope you’re enjoying the day! Row Kraus

        • Yes, I remember! Happy to hear from you. Would love to see you but I’m in the States til September. Have a great visit to France.. and come back! Thanks for the note🇫🇷

          • Bummed not to be able to see you where you live!
            Maybe another time.
            Have a wonderful visit, Debbie!

          • Be sure to visit Uzès while you’re nearby. So sorry to miss you, too. You’ll want to come back. Enjoy!

  2. Fanny, ( sorry Brits ) is so precious. A home without a dog is not a home. What I recall of my time living in France is that everyone took their dog with them and it was accepted . It has become that way here in N. VA. I have lost count of how many wineries we have here now but all the wineries love you to bring your dog. Unfortunately , my little Korean rescue, Jojo, would have a heart attack so she doesn’t accompany me. I belong to a book club called Loudoun County Women of Wine and Books. We meet at wineries and dogs are always welcome.

    • That’s so good to know! I’m a bit anxious about our visit in Atlanta, but it seems lots of places are more dog friendly than ever. I know you’re sad to leave Jojo behind. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  3. I was delighted to learn of your SC background! I vacation every Summer at Sea View Inn on Pawleys Island and we were a Tip Top family before Hugo(?) blew it down. Beaufort is a lovely town.

    • I lived in Myrtle Beach for several years before Beaufort, so I know Pawleys well. Do you get to France?

  4. So happy for you both. She’s adorable. Jude would love to meet the one who caught the heart of her foster mom. Xoxo

    • I would love Fanny and Jude to meet. It’s because of my good times with Jude that I wanted a little one. Come to visit!

  5. I’m thrilled for you! And a Princess no less!! I love that she’s a Senior woofer and looks so adorable. Enjoy❣️

    • I started to call her “Princessa,” but there’s only one! Can’t wait to see you again.

  6. Félicitations Fanny! So happy for you both; a dog in France really enhances our experience living in this canine friendly culture. Simone joined us last month and even my hard-hearted hubby is falling head over wheels in love with her.
    Enjoy, safe travels and we await the opportunity to welcome you both to the Côte d’Azur.
    Ella, Jody and Simone

    • I’m looking forward to our travels together. So happy to hear about Simone. We’d love to see you!!please stay in touch.

  7. What a beautiful post! Fanny is so beautiful and a very lucky girl to have found a lovely new home at her age. I have an 18yr old poodleXcollie who is my life. I would have loved to bring him to Uzes with me but it never happened. I can’t wait to be able to visit again one way or another. I love your blogs so much and wish we had met up when I was there last time but it just didn’t work out. Well done to you for carving out such a wonderful life in France <3

    • Fanny is with me now in the US. She’s making herself right at home with my friends and family. We’ll head back to France in September with a stop-off in Barcelona. I’ll let you know how it all goes. Thank you so much for following, and for your feedback. It keeps me on my toes!

    • You are the angel on earth! I adore Fanny. As you can see. Thank you! Thank you! See you in September!

  8. Life in France is so much better with a dog, and everyone loves them. We have a hotel in Bordeaux that checks on our guy if we leave him in the room for a bit (like when we go to a Musee or one of the few places that doesn’t allow dogs). Otherwise, he is with us and welcome everywhere! Enjoy.

    • Ohhhh! I’m so glad to here that! It’s a bit concerning to think of l aging her like that. Good for them! Please pass in the name. I love Bordeaux and hope to return soon. Thank you so much for the note.

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