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Movie Night in Uzes: Carmen at the Met

Metropolitan Opera Night in Uzès


Somehow it seems strange to see a French opera, performed live in New York, broadcast live at a cinema in Uzés — with French subtitles.

  “Carmen,”  in HD ( high definition video) from the Met,  was broadcast in the only cinema in Uzès. As I watched the performance, I remembered the traveling troupe who performed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina,  and other times in my life when I’ve heard the music from “Carmen.” I also thought of the millions of people all over the world who were attending the broadcast event along with me at their local theaters.

Isn’t technology amazing!??

People who have seen an HD version of the Met operas have said how wonderful it is. Now that I’ve been to one myself, I have to agree. It’s the next best thing to sitting in.Lincoln Center.

The Cinema in Uzès

The only theater in Uzès is on a narrow street that runs into the main “rue” of town. From the outside the building looks like a theater straight out of a Woody Allen film.

Cinema in Uzes, France Cinema in Uzès


The inside isn’t much different.

 Except at this cinema, there are “do-it-yourself” popcorn machines and bizarre candy machine.

Popcorn maker for Popcorn maker for “vanilla” flavored popcorn, as well as another machine for “salted” popcorn.


Candy machine at Cinema in Uzes Candy machine


Most interesting is that you can order a meal that is served during intermission.


Cinema - goers enjoying a meal at intermission of Carmen Cinema – goers enjoying a meal at intermission of Carmen


The menu


Cheese and fruit plate Cheese and fruit plate


Serving up soup and salad Serving up soup and salad


Wine, beer, champagne and other drinks of your liking, of course.


The cinema bar The cinema bar


The Met performance of “Carmen” was a unique experience. Now that I know that meals and drink are available for most nightly theater shows, I know I’ll be back!

If you’re in Uzès, the Cinema is definitely a place you should check out. There are films with English subtitles each week. Or if you’re trying to learn French, go to a movie with French subtitles. It is an interesting way to practice the language.

Love Carmen! Love the Cinema!



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  1. Wow, that sounds so wonderful!! Have never seen Carmen, but seeing it in France would make it so much better 😉, I’m sure. Seeing anything in France would be better!! Ok, there are my Wolfpack, likely never to show up in France!

    Was with Marilyn today…working with get out the vote for Kay (not my favorite, but better than the alternatives) Hagan. And we were talking about you with envy! Keep living my fantasy, dear friend!

    • Still waiting for you to set the date when you’ll join me for some adventures here next year, my dear friend Ricki. It’ll be joyous to have you with me for some of these experiences. Love!

  2. How wonderful!! We were together in spirit. I was in my seat in the Grand Tier of the Met watching live, It was terrific! Lucky you, who had a backstage seat during intermission that I did not have.

    Cheers, M-T

  3. Only the French would serve a meal during intermission…and it looked delicious! Second to the actual performance, I love the interviews with the performers…I would hate to miss that, so might have to settle for popcorn.

  4. Wow what a fun evening! When we were living in Uzes I intended to go to that cinema so many times and sadly never made it, your wonderful post makes me really wish I had. I can only imagine the thrill of being there and being absorbed by a production that you saw somewhere else so far away….. life can be very incredible! Thanks for sharing!

  5. We will be sure to go together when you return next year! Have wonderful travels. We are at the beach and leave for Saint Louis tomorrow. Bon voyage!

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