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Life in Black & White: Nuit Blanche in Uzès

Who knew that the next adventure we would take together would be a worldwide pandemic!? Life never ceases to amaze. And it’s certainly neither black nor white. 

So here I am, sitting in Atlanta, Georgia, instead of in my sweet apartment in France. While friends in Uzès are enjoying spring-like weather and practicing social distancing on strolls through twelfth century streets and alleys, I’m joining my son’s young family, trying to hold together a small local business and amuse two children under six.

I’m not complaining. It’s just that I’m struck by my upside down world. 

Perhaps the best that can happen now is that I can get back to blogging. There are many places to talk about and fun times to re-live.

Like my last weekend in Uzès in October. It was the annual Nuit Blanche festival. Neighborhoods were filled with live music and dancing.

Nuit Blanche in Uzès

Many shops that feature art ware and artists were open for midnight browsers for Nuit Blanche in Uzès.

Some of Uzès’ favorite places were showing off for friends, families and visitors.

What is “Nuit Blanche”?

French for “white nights” or “all nighter”, “Nuit Blanche has become a tradition around the world where cities celebrate the many facets of their local culture and arts. When asked the origin of the Nuit Blanche event, most would say “Paris.” In fact, it was founded as “Night of the Arts” in Helsinki. It was 2001 before the festival arrived in Paris, renamed “Nuit Blanche” by the city under mayor, Bertrand Delanoë.

Conceived as an “all nighter,” Nuit Blanche stretches from 7pm to 7am on the first Saturday of every October. The celebration’s popularity and acceptance extends now from Europe to South America, to Asia and beyond.

Do you have Nuit Blanche where you live? 

Someday I hope to be in Paris for Nuit Blanche. I hear it’s one of the unmissable events of the year. Landmarks like the Eiffel Tower become beautiful, or bizarre spectacles with artists, musicians and performers. As many as 80,000 spectators gather to enjoy the city and its artistic venues — all open and free of charge.

Send photos!

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  1. Welcome back to Blogging, Debbie!l You were one of the people who inspired me to start my blog! We usually return to Castelnaudary at the beginning of April but now we have no idea (like so many others) when we will get back to France and our beloved Canal du Midi. I’m happy to be here, in the UK, near my sons and other family. Be safe! June (fancyingfrance) x

    • You’re such a dear, June. I’m blushing that I could inspire you. You are a great blogger! I know how you feel being away from France. It’s the most beautiful season, too. Best we can do now is catch up on some of our stories about the places we love. Please let’s try to meet up sometime when this is all behind us. Stay in touch.

  2. Hi Debbie – Lovely photos of the best of times! Not so at present. I was at my house in Uzès until Tuesday when I managed to get home to Australia with some difficulty. Think you are potentially better off in Atlanta at present – Uzès is deserted with no cafés, bars or restaurants, shops open & permit restrictions on all movements by foot, bike, car & train. Best to keep it alive in your memory at present & wait it out! I am now in mandatory 14 day self isolation at home in Melbourne – but happy to do what has to be done to stop the spread. Take care & stay well.

    • Thank you for your update. I always seem to want to be where I’m not. But in this case, I think I would have been a basket case worrying about family if I’d been in France. Glad you made it back home. Stay safe and keep in touch!

    • Loved your post. We’ll look back on this and wonder how we made it through. Hang on,we’ll get back to those visits with loved ones.

  3. I do feel your pain, Deborah, as my husband and I should be landing at the airport in Bordeaux, picking up our lease car, and driving to the gîte in the Dordogne TODAY!!! We’ve been able to reschedule everything for October, fingers crossed, so instead of a two month return to France I will practice my French, exercise in order to stay in GOOD HEALTH, read back issues of FRANCE magazine, and look ahead to a celebration, Nuit Blanche style, in 6 months. Thanks for returning to the Blog! Would your friends in Uzès have photos to share of life under the “stay at home” restrictions?

    • Life in France really spoils us, doesn’t it. So glad to hear you have some good alternatives. Maybe getting back to French lessons is not such a bad idea. But then, I’ll have to start over! Good thought about getting photos from people in Uzès to share! Hang in there… more to come on places in France to visit. I’m inspired! Thanks for your note. Love hearing from you and on FB.

  4. Love a ‘Nuit Blanche’ ! And hope that France will soon return to normal. Right now the country is on lockdown with people allowed to leave their homes only for emergencies, food, or medicines and they must have filled out paperwork online in order to do so. Gendarmes are patrolling and fines are being issued.

    • I’m so disappointed that my return to France in May is looking doubtful. It’s truly a lesson to be thankful for every day. I’m watching closely at information from friends like you about the situation in France. Let’s keep our eyes focused on returning to normal soon. Please stay in touch!

    • Thank you so much! I’m not sure why I decided the photos would work in b&w, but it’s an interesting change. Perhaps it’s like revisiting an old movie that I loved. Keep up your good work and stay safe, too.

  5. Welcome back to blogging, Debbie! And let’s hope you get back to Uzès within the next few months…. xx Judith xx

    • You’re so sweet, Judith. There are so many places I’ve not explored in the blog. So it should keep me busy! Love to you and yours! Stay safe and keep in touch.

    • Wish I had my travel buddy around and we were on the road again. Soon, my friend. This, too, shall pass. Bises!

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