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Nuit Blanche Uzès: A Grand First Edition

Nuit Blanche Uzès: A Grand First Edition

This week Uzès celebrated its first Nuit Blanche , “White Night”.  By all accounts, the event that is an annual affair in Paris will be back in Uzes by popular demand.

Nuit Blanche was conceived as a nighttime event in October when art of all forms — natural and man-made — are highlighted by the community. The idea is to create art venues among historical architecture and places of beauty in the town or village.

For me, Nuit Blanche started off early in the day. Artful masterpieces appeared everywhere I ventured. The show began only a short walk away from where I live — on the way to the Valle d’Eur.

Cathedral in Uzes France

The Cathedral seemed more beautiful on this day of Nuit Blanche


Cathedral in Uzes, France

… and so magestic


For some reason the walk which I take to the Valle d l’Eure was different this day. There were details of the Cathedral I never noticed before. Perhaps I had never really stopped to gaze up at the cathedral tower.

I would have pondered the beauty of the Cathedral longer but it was delaying my walk. With my head obviously still in a cloud, I took a first step forward — and tripped. Catching myself I said to me: “Pay attention! Look down before you walk.”

Fortunately the lesson prepared me for the stairs down to the Valle d.l’Eure —  treacherous.


Stairway to the Valle d'Eur Uzes France

Stairway to the Valle d l”eure


The Valle d ‘l Eure

The Valle d l’Eure has been in several previous blog posts. I love that place. On this day in addition to the scenery —  the truest form of art —  I ran into these most interesting creatures and objects.


Valle d'Eur stream that feeds Pont du Gard

Swans and more swans live peacefully along the stream that once fed the might Pont du Gard



Swan at Valle d'Eur Uzes France



Swan at Valle d'Eur Uzes France



Swan at Valle d'Eur Uzes France


A swinging bridge extends from one side of the valley to another. From the middle of the bridge onlookers stop to watch the swans that glide by at their own nonchalant pace. 


Swan at Valle d'Eur Uzes France



The swinging bridge at Valle d'Eur Uzes France

The swinging bridge stretches from the natural areas of the river bed to an athletic field on the other side



This day a  bride and groom were enjoying their special occasion in a most unique chapel.


Valle d'Eur Uzes France


Walking along the sides of the stream I discovered art of a most unusual kind. Donkeys, squirrels, fish and other clever sculptures sprang out of the ground — otherwise known as tree stumps. 

Valle d'Eur Uzes France


Valle d'Eur Uzes France



Valle d'Eur Uzes France


Valle d'Eur Uzes France


Blanche Nuit

After a vigorous walk and climb back up the stairs from the Valle d l’Eure, I was ready for a night on the town — Nuit Blanche

The Place des Herbes Uzes France

The Place aux Herbes


The Nuit Blanche symbol Uzes France

The Nuit Blanche symbol


Nuit Blanche Uzes France

Streets decorations set the tone for the evening


Street decorations included the Nuit Blanche symbol that was scattered on walkways and buildings where events were taking place.  Driveway posts were dusted with white powder giving the surroundings an even more ethereal look.


Nuit Blanche Uzes France

A hidden Roman well was the site of a subterranean art gallery.


Roman subterrerean well Uzes France


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Some of my favorite galleries and places ….





Nuit Blanche Uzes FranceThe Mairie (Town Hall) joined in the theme with theatrical presentations and with floor art reminiscent of an ancient sundial. 









Nuit Blanche Uzes France


Nuit Blanche Uzes France



Oh that I could have stayed awake until midnight to enjoy it all.  

Next year!











Nuit Blanche Uzes France



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  1. I was just reading about Blanc Nuit Paris but I think I would enjoy Uzes more…not as crowded! Love the shop with the planters…must go next time. The swan pics look straight from a painting.

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